Billy Edelen, BA, CSCS, XFS (@billyedelen)

This pose represents a lot
Freeing myself
Facing fear
Embracing who I am
Mindfulness to little things
Right hip external rotation
Right shoulder retraction
Two physical cues
Representing connection
Between the body and mind
Linked by the breath
This is why I love yoga
This is why I love movement
Is this why I love?

Katrin (@kate___bo)

Жирная это что, жирная это не приговор, жирная попрыгала, побегала, вот уже и не жирная. #goodmorning#goodmorningworld#happymom#gym#lovemylife#fitness#fitnessmotivation#sport#gymnastics#motivation#fitnessgirl#healthy#зож#спорт#

hey bbs it's sophia💓 (@gymternetfeaturess)

RANT IN THE COMMENTS! - so basically my main account is @sophiatumbless and none of my followers are active. i never gain, but i lose 5-10 followers a day! others gain like 30 followers or wayyy more everyday and their followers are extremely active! i work hard on my videos and it's just frustrating. - i also want to give up on gymnastics. i literally never get any skills. my form is low key the worst thing i've ever seen. my wrists hurt after bhs, which i sink down in. i can't even do back tucks onto a mat bc i don't get any height and i don't follow through/pull up. i have so many mental blocks it's not even funny. i went to gym today and it was probably the worst tumbling day i've ever had. i almost got my aerial on floor last week, but today i couldn't even do them on tumble track bc it hurts when my foot slams down, so i was scared to keep my hands off the ground. and please don't comment saying it just takes time, bc i've taken time and i just don't think i'm meant to be a gymnast. i used to think i loved tumbling, but now i don't think i do... i said i was going to disable on @sophiatumbless and not one of my followers cared:) anyways gn everyone!
#gymnastics #goalhelper #followtrain #rantbelow

Hasan Muhammad (@hxsanmuhammad)

195 no muscles what so ever vs. 168 shredded from working my hands on iron all day. Two different people that have been form, from the very fabric of time. I'm happy of the person that I formed myself into it's been a crazy 2 years I just have one year left to hit my goal. #gym #gymmotivation #gymshark #gymlife #gymrat #gymnastics #ironaddict #barstazzworkout #barstarzz #brucelee #transformationtuesday #gymflow #lifechangesusall