Holger Müller (@holger_moritz)

Heute morgen mal etwas Schultern trainiert☺️,es ist schon wirklich nicht einfach den seitlichen Schultermuskel zu treffen😬also weniger Gewicht und dafür saubere Ausführung ✌️schöne Weekend💪💪💪 #fit#fitness#fitnessmotivation#imstagood#instafit#instatrain#train#trainingday#benefitstory#picoftheday#fitfam#muscle#trainhardandclean#nomorehashtags#💪 #weekend#gym#gymtime#

Ido Savero (@idosavero)

Yeeeah...happy friday...😃🏋️💪🤘

Shingo Moromasa (@shingomoromasa)

Temp is hard but i am able to check my movement.
Still my problem is the hinge movement.
Need to fix this!
Today's session(lower body)
A.Clean grip deadlift@3131
B.Front squat@3030
C.Split squat@3010
10reps/side(rest60sec btwn side)
D1.Sandbag front rack box step up down
(Alt leg)10reps
+(without rest)
D2.Sled push 40m
(Rest 2min)
E.Core work

🌈FITNESS JOURNEY (@kerryly0ns)

When you are addicted to booty building 💁🏻✨

Daniel 🇦🇺 (@mcevedyd)

90% is showing up. Life will always have obstacles, your brain will always hand you reasons why you can't or shouldn't do something because our brains are wired to take the easy option. You are tougher than you think, fight those reasons and resist them.

The key is to fight and move forward because every time you do the next time gets easier and easier and eventually it becomes habit and what you begin to realise is you have already started becoming that person you wanted to be. It is a mistake to accept things the way they are. Grow and learn.

Become better, be better. You will feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. What you will start to see is that those around you recognise your positive shift and on some level be inspired by it to change themselves for the better.

Today I made that decision. I didn't want to get up, I didn't want to work, I didn't want to train. But I did, I overcame those reasons why not to and trust me I finished today better than I started. If I can, you can!

#bebetterthanyesterday #foryou #forthem #whateverittakesmentality #project2017 #wbffaus2017

Educate. Action. Results (@tbc_oconnor)

Tom's TBC Story
Before I started at TBC Inconsistency was the key problem - I trained with weights for a year or two, then stopped and ran for a while instead. By the time I joined I wasn’t doing much at all and could see and feel the negative impact on my body and general health.

I enjoyed weight training when I was doing it but didn’t have much direction from someone who was a specialist in the area. I thought about a personal trainer but preferred the idea of a small group from both a social and cost perspective.
I wanted to feel healthier, look better and be fitter but sitting down with Dave early on helped me establish more tangible goals around weight gain through increased muscle mass whilst reducing body fat.

The main takeaway from training with TBC is how important it is to regularly monitor and track what you are doing - whether it be what you are eating, the weight that you are lifting or the bi-weekly scans. In order to progress, you need hold yourself accountable and motivate yourself and there is no better way than visibly seeing improvements in your strength and lifestyle week by week.

People often talk about diet and exercise as if it’s a chore. I’ve learned that you don’t have to go hungry or kill yourself with hour after hour of exercise but merely make good choices most of the time. Variety in both routine and diet also keeps things interesting.

I can’t recommend my experience highly enough. I’m pretty much a novice but I was made to feel welcome from day one and Dave is genuinely interested in the progress and choices I am making on a personal level.
What makes TBC different is a genuine willingness to invest their time outside the classes as well as in them.