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😍😍😍😍 @stillen_a как всё воздушно и красиво получилось, песня одна из любимых 😊👍🏻#Repost @babaevski_ with @repostapp
Образ из обучение по причёскам , второй уровень , высокий пучок воздушный . На среднюю длинны , без валиков без накладных прядей , изумрудный роскошный макияж от @amina_team_babaevski огромное спасибо @stillen_a благодаря тебе мои работы ещё роскошнее передаются в соц сети 👍🏼😍 #hairmakeupartist #hairmakeupdiary #makeupvideo #vegas #hudabeauty @hudabeauty @hair.video @hairmakeupdiary @hairvideoshow @hair.videos @makegirlz @make4glam_ #make4glam #makegirlz #hairvideos #hairvideoshow #hairvideo #екбсити #екатеринбург #екатеринбургсейчас #екатеринбургсегодня #москвасити #москвапрически #моска #обучениепрически #keune

✨Majestic Mario ✨ (@majestic_bymario)

Never thought one picture alone could be full of so much slay until @brittanybearmakeup is put in front of a camera ! ✨these amazing photos captured by @gerrygarciaphoto and pin straight hair slayed by yours truly !!

Valerie Pham (@valpham)

✨🍑 I decided to redo this video because I realize that I'm making my videos a little too fast and you can't really tell what's going on 😅 I like this better, and hopefully you guys too! Ps. I'm using the end of my brush to dust of the loose glitter that fell on my lid. Since it's not glued down, I'm able to just brush it off 😊🍑 -----------------------------------------
1. Brows: @mywunderbrow brow gel in Brunette. @maccosmetics eye brow pencil in Spiked
2. Shadows: @toofaced Sweet Peach palette: Nectar, Candied Peach, Summer Yum, Delectable, and White Peach
3. To cut the crease I used @maccosmetics Soft Ocre paint pot
4. Liner: outlined with @sigmabeauty Wicked gel liner. @nyc_cosmetics_ liquid liner
5. Glitter: @creativesoulcosmetics 24k Gold
6. Lashes: @creativesoulcosmetics Grand
7. Song: The Chainsmokers and Coldplay - Somebody Like This ---------------------------------------- #wunderbrow #maccosmetics #glitter #toofaced #cutcrease #makeupartist #makeuptutorial #macgirls #hudabeauty #vegas_nay #flawlesssdolls #makeuptutorialsx0x #makeup #fakeupfix #1minutemakeup #makeupoftheday #peachyqueenblog #makeupclips #hairmakeupdiary #make4glam #wakeupandmakeup #maryhadalittlelamb #universodamaquiagem_oficial #makeupaddict #beautyqueens4ever #brian_champagne #featuring_mua #makeupaddictioncosmetics #universalhairandmakeup #slave2beauty

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THE 1 MASK YOU NEED. For $12 its LIFE CHANGING and even makes you look thinner!! 😱😱😱
🙏🏾best for: DEEP cleansing, PORE shrinking, SKIN tightening, EYEBROW growing, skin GLOWING, ACNE MURDERING mask ever. You can literally FEEL it PULLING all the nasties out of your skin!! get it from amazon - Just search: INDIAN AZTEC HEALING CLAY
✅Calcium Bentonite Clay (i use dis everywhere! if u want 2 see other ways 2 use this - LIKE this VIDEO)👍🏾
✅Apple Cider Vinegar (sensitive skin= just use water) I use this stuff on my skin, in my hair, and I drink it everyday 🍦Mix until creamy - DONT USE METAL! PLASTIC ONLY!
🍑Apply a thick layer to clean face - i like to go over my brows cuz it stimulates growth 🌬️Let it DRY COMPLETELY - u can feel ur skin getting tight and your face will PULSE like a heartbeat. lol I look like the piggy from angry birds
💦Wash off w/ luke warm water
🍅ur skin will be RED like a TOMATO + feel really HOT - thats NORMAL! that means the mask worked + stimulated blood circulation
👶🏾ur skin will be BABY soft, pores will shrink, skin will be tight, and acne will disappear faster!
✌🏾Do this once every 2 weeks
👨🏾This is a dope mask for men 2! esp if you get ingrown beard hairs!

Calcium Bentonite Clay - is like a MAGNET. It pulls theimpurities out of ur skin. -Shrinks acne-its anti-bacterial
-it eliminates OILY skin -unclogs pores
- makes your face look thinner by sucking up excess sodium (sodium = water retention)
-regenerates skin tissue to help it heal faster - healing skin = fresh new skin! Blood circulation = the besttttt
-it has a negative charge so when you apply it to the skin it pulls out all the toxins which are positively charged -removes dead skin cells
-lightens acne marks + scars -jam packed with silica to make skin super soft!
Apple Cider Vinegar - restores pH levels in skin
-helps reduce acne and keep skin clear
-prevents skin damage
-alpha hydroxy acids give you fresh new skin
-fights wrinkles
I shared this mask on my YT many years ago the OG's know whatsuppp. It's the best!
Disclaimer: test patch first.
Tag a friend youd do this with!!👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

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New video is LIVE NOW!! It's a full tutorial on this smokey cranberry wing with faux freckles. It's more of a long chatty tutorial/grwm
Full eye look done with @morphebrushes 25B bronzed mocha palette #morphebrushes #morphe
@kokolashes goddess #kokolashes
@ofracosmetics X @dupethat You Dew You highlight #ofracosmetics
@nyxcosmetics eyebrow gel in brunette and blonde for brows and freckles #nyxcosmetics
@nyxcosmetics Circe lipstick
Full video on my YouTube channel now, link in my bio!

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Saturday selfie✨

Alyson Alvarado (@makeupbyalyson)

See previous post for mixing video ❤️
@whoisshecosmetics Lip Composites 'Sadie, Zenaida and Silk'
@nakedcosmetics Loose Shimmer
Shop yours today at www.whoisshecosmetics.com code ALYSON for 20% off your purchase (Link in Bio)
Disclaimer: Naming of the shade is just for fun ❤️

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I hope EVERYONE had a GREAT😀 weekend it's MONDAY and it's GIVEAWAY TIME and I have something AMAZING just for you 🙌🏿 my friends over at @gkhair has given me EVERYTHING you need to do a fabulous keratin taming treatment with their "THE BEST" treatment and hunny it last 3-5 MONTH💅🏿💅🏿 and you can WIN IT ALL🔥🔥🔥TO ENTER:
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1 pack of clips
1 large roundbrush
1 bowl
1 BOTTLE of THE BEST treatment
1 PH shampoo
1 moisturizing shampoo
1 conditioner
1 serum
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2 different lights and 2 different side.

Kitty Lane (@kittylane)

When your roots start getting out of control and even a blow wave can't save your look. 😂

Slayallday (@slaydayandnight)

😍😍😍 @masnax
LET'S TAN! I am using the 'medium' shade from @lovingtanofficial ✨ Getting my body out for this one 😳🤓✌🏽😎 So awkward. Lol who like the recreation of the shower in this video 😂😂 🚿
5 Key steps to the perfect Tan:
•Step 1) Exfoliate well, dry skin is not sexy with a tan.
•Step 2) Moisturise your dry spots on your skin. Such as the feet, ankles, knees, hands, rises, face and elbows.
•Step 3) Now Tan. Apply the tan using a swiping motion away from the wrist and ankles towards the body then with what's left on the gloves apply to the feet and hands. Use back tanning stick to help with reaching the back section.
•Step 4) leave to develop, the longer you leave it on the better the tan (I left mine on for 9 hours) then rinse off well just with water.
•Step 5) Tan after care, keep skin moisturised. The tan will last a week and to take the tan off simply exfoliate and repeat. #tannaholic haha have fun tanning. 😘✨☺️
#tan #tanning #tutorial #hudabeauty #hudalashes @shophudabeauty #marysmotives #anastasiabeverlyhills #undiscoveredvideos #melformakeup #brian_champagne #makeupgoals #slave2beauty #fakeupfix #liveglam #wakeupandmakeup #glamvids #makeuptutorialsx0x #peachyqueenblog #1minutemakeup #hairmakeupdiary #inssta_makeup #fiercesociety #makeupobsessed #makeupfanatic1 #videosfashion #videosbeauty @bretmansvanity @wakeupandmakeup @makeupcoach @brian_champagne @makeuptutorialsx0x @hairmakeupdiary