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Travailler le plâtre, tamiser la porcelaine, des gestes - WORK in PROGRESS - PROJET DE DIPLÔME DES MÉTIERS D’ART - Art du Bijou et du Joyau - Ecole Boulle ©️️AXELLE JOLY

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Don’t let the eyes burn your sun.

Daphne Rose (@yuckkidchronicles)

It's been a year already since I made these. Concept vs Actually making them. The trials and errors that came with it. But it still worked. They were made for a head dress for a stick sculpture I made.


Trip to Pohang with family🖐️

Per Amor a l'art (@peramoralart)

Toca, colpeja, acaricia.
Però ella el que vol és arribar-li a les entranyes.

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Nissho-Soleil: Notes of Sun-Kissed Pineapple, Tangerine, Creamy Vanilla.

Burn time is approximately 25 hours.

Candle Volume: 4 ounces
#Hand-poured in the United States #Sustainable #ecologically-sound #pesticide-free
#100% cotton wicks
#Unparalleled fragrance integrity

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Yas! Happy Spring Equinox to all of you! I’m sharing @aetheriajewel as per the usual. Throwing some roses around with a pack of Canis Rings on for today. Not really literally but in spirit yes. Hehe! This wolf/fox ring essentially launched Aetheria Jewel as the first official work I made for my brand. A little over a year ago, I was interviewing for other positions and had some time in between to carve. Ever since I could recall, I always wanted a personal signet ring. No, not with my initials in a ring, with a wolf ring. Alas, the wolf was carved in wax. I didn’t know I could even carve animal faces at that point. I created my personal one as a gift to myself for starting Aetheria in 14k white gold and diamonds and named him Fenrir... So Extra, I know what can I say? That was also the background from which I came from, more of the fine jewelry end of things - diamonds, 14-18k yellow gold working full time in NYC making all the new samples and private labels for another company. It was intense. And you know me, I put my heart and soul into it. Now I’m blessed and have the opportunity to put my heart and soul into the creation of @aetheriajewel. So excited to see where this journey takes me. xo I wish you all a blessed day and joy. You’re all so inspiring to me and the community that is fostered here. Thank you and happy Spring!

Aetheria Jewel (@aetheriajewel)

Happy Spring Equinox to one and all! Ringing in the new seasons’ transformation with some roses and a pack of Canis Rings!

Michael Farr (@gymaddict1993)

Tried to get my tree in action! Lol. Veins kinda look like a small tree, little vein wiggle. #veins #hand #wiggle #gym #weird #nice #gym