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grosir distro BANDUNG tangan pertama
Kontak kami disini :
☎️BBM : D98163D3
☎️LINE : bubblesstore
☎️WA. : 0858 6270 8902
Bandung - indonesia
Fanspage facebook : https://m.facebook.com/bubbleshopsstore

Price :
✅celana chino : 120.000ribu
✅jogger pants : 135.000ribu
✅cargo panjang : 155.000ribu

pengiriman via : JNE kirim kemanapun

instagram utama : bubblesstoreshop

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Tierra Del Fuego 🇦🇷 (@fueguino_96)

Burlémonos de la realidad, ese siempre será mi panorama favorito. 😊 ( la foto de la foto )

Zach Moore Weightloss Guru (@mmazach)

Name is Zach Moore, in 2 years I beat obesity. It took a new frame as well as Gastric Bypass Surgery. I have been told now that I am one of the greatest weight loss transformations of All-Time. ▫️
These photos shown are taken of me 3 years apart. They are in my kitchen and are my Adult Male body at the age of 33 and 36. I was 420+ lbs (Left / 2014 ) and 150 (Right / 2017). I have a excess skin hanging from legs, this is a fact, you can see it and it is from the extreme weight loss.
I have lost an extreme amount of weight, -350, nothing in my life from before is any longer the same now whatsoever. It all started with weightloss surgery. Weightloss surgery its self is easy and easy to recover from, what is difficult and many fail at is the adjusting and adjustment that come with the lifestyle.
It is the losing the weight afterwards...., getting in shape afterwards.... taking back control of your life afterwards.... that is difficult and many time impossible. Never give up hope and keep pushing forward. When others mock you, make fun of you, tell you that your fat, ugly, dying of a disease, all by judgement.... it won't ever stop and people won't ever change, it's part of life that you have to accept. So what are you going to do... Put on your hater blockers 😎 put on your headphones 🎧 block out the noise do what you need to to get healthy. I used social media 🗣️for tips and help time, nothing more...
Find your inspiration.
Find what Inspires you.
Find what get up out of bed each day.
Find your "Peter Pan" and never let go till you get to your goal. ▫️
•••Frequently Asked Questions•••
I had gastric bypass surgery.
I had skin surgery.
I lost 350 pounds.
It took 2 years.
I am thin due to 9 surgeries in 10 months.
I plan to gain muscle once healed.
I was on TV 3x's in 2016
Articles feat me on Yahoo, People, AOL, MSN, (get the point) ▫️
I do not take Weight loss Pills (don't work)
I do not drink Shakes (too think, used Isopure)
Longer on Prescription Pills
CPAP Machine
High Blood Pressure
Baby Powder