Kendra Meany (@wholeweddings)

I tried the @thisissandapp purely for fun but as I got into it, the more I can see its applications in my work. I love adding patterning into my #plantableweddinginvitation designs and play with color. So this might just be the way to explore that interactively!
Doing creative work also means discovering new ways to find joy in the creative process. And because I’d like to document the process more - here’s it in a time lapse!

Matthew C (@nextgreatest)

What a happy accident - and this love shows up!? #happyaccidents #heartmath #hearts #lights

Facing North (@facing_north)

Didn’t expect to catch this beautiful Gray Owl out on a hike today.. good thing I have friends with superhuman vision #happyaccidents #hootersofthenorth


Benefits of public transport: getting off at the wrong stop and stumbling upon this beauty. #happyaccidents

kaitlyn schropp (@kaitlynschropp)

some bob ross inspiration for the last stretch of finals #happyaccidents 🧡🏔️🎨

Emmanuel 💪✌️🐺 (@emmanuel.the)

VERRRRRRYYYYY slow going on this. Especially now that I got a charcoal pencil for the dark shade. But I'm working on it in between other things so I'm in no rush 😊

FORK Social Lab (@forksociallab)

When the last time you were over here there weren’t any gifts under the tree + you can’t have that so snuck these under there. I love how the gift wrap matches the ornaments. So fun. And unintentional. #happyaccidents #exhusbandsneedgiftstoo

Amelia (@miamiaaaaa)

Time to finish this painting! Also, I absolutely LOVE my Bob Ross shirt @sweet_annie_g got me! 😁❤️👩🎨