SzeJie🌈 (@cszejie)

Happy Birthday, the greatest woman in the world!
Thank you mom for all your love💕

Kristin Dawn (@kristindawn971)

Happy birthday you to the strongest woman I know. I love you mama! Thank you for everything you've ever done. It's time you start worrying about yourself, you deserve it, I hope to look half as good as you do!!!! thank for my whole existence!!! #hotstuff #happybirthdaymama

Seana (@officialseana)

Car Karaoke time! It's mama's birthday! Since we have no recent photos, this was the best I could do in the moment...🙃 Happy Birthday Mom!!!! I love, and miss you lots! ❤️🎉 #birthdaysong #112117 #happybirthdaymama

Frodo Frodito FroFro Froffie (@frodoaspuria)

HEyYY!!! Help me wish this crazy lady a happy birthday!!! To my favorite onlyest Mama ever!👑👸🎂🍸🎉🛍️
#frodo #frodoandmama #happybirthdaymama #sandiegodog #adopteddog #adoptdontshop #dogfun #doglove

Meg ☾ (@meganmerrillstrong)

Happiest Birthday to my HERO!! Mom, you are the greatest human I know. The sacrifice's you've taken to give your daughters the best life possible is something I admire everyday in you. Thank you for still being my best friend at 30 years old. Thank you for never turning off that mom hat and for always allowing a space for me to come talk to you about anything. Thank you for always giving me advice and for always loving me. You've been my fierce protector all my life and I will never have enough thank you's for you to truly understand how much that has meant to me.
You are so beautiful in so many ways. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have learned from you. To know what being a strong woman truly means, to know what strength and sacrifice looks like. Thank you for always being authentically you, and for being my greatest teacher in life. Happy birthday mama! I miss you! #hbd #happybirthdaymama #myhero #happybirthday #thesuz #thankfulfor

Tippy (@tnt6977)

I love you so much mom @jennifer.carbajal.6977 !! Happy Happy Birthday 🎉🎈🎁🎂🍾 #happybirthdaymama #november

Tippy (@tnt6977)

Happy Happy Birthday mama @jennifer.carbajal.6977 i love you more than i could ever express. I love being around you and hearing your laugh. I hope you laugh lots today I LOVE YOU!!! #happybirthdaymama #november

NiCkY (@xnicky6x)

Today we are celebrating the birthday of the most amazing woman I know. She’s my role model in life and I wouldn’t be the mom I am today without her. I wish you the happiest of birthdays today mama. You deserve nothing less. I love you more than words and I hope you have a fabulous day 😘💕🎉🎈 #HappyBirthdayMama #MyBestFriend #ShesGorgeousIsntShe #SixtyAndSassy

Matutay Fads (@matutayfads)

Happy 52nd birthday Aling Puring! Lol. #HappyBirthdayMama

L.B. (@nikkkiroath)

my aspiration in life is to make my mum be proud of me. i mean, I have a lot of dreams and desires, but the final point of it would be my mum's happiness.
everything's not, what it seems from the first sign. I didn't have an expensive life of a baby that was born in an extremely reach family. my mother have been a hard-worker all her life just because she wanted me to live happily after ever. we weren't besties from the day I was born. I've been punished for million times, we had a huge amount of quarrels, my mum teached me, how to behave in this world. and when I've finally grown-up, we've become best friends.
she used to say 'you'll thank me later' and I hated that. I thought 'I will never! this stupid rules, home tusk sucks, I don't want to study'. and only now I realize, that I am so freaking thankful!
everything I have, I have because of my mum. everything I do, I do because of her, in her honor and to make her be proud of me. I really hope, that one day she'll say 'look, it's my daughter!'
I love you, mum! happy birthday❤️
я стремлюсь к тому, чтобы моя мама гордилась мной. то есть, у меня много мечтаний и желаний, но их конечная цель - мамино счастье.
все не такое, каким кажется с первого взгляда. у меня не было роскошной жизни ребёнка, рождённого в безумно богатой семье. моя мама так много и тяжело работала, чтобы я ни в чем не нуждалась. и мы не были лучшими подружками со дня моего рождения. я была наказана просто миллионы раз, мы с мамой ругались бесконечно, она учила меня, как существовать в этом мире. и только когда я выросла, мы стали лучшими подружками.
она часто говорила: 'поблагодаришь потом', и я ненавидела это. я думала: 'этого никогда не будет! глупые правила, в жопу домашку, не хочу учиться'. и только сейчас я понимаю, что я просто чертовски благодарна.
все, что у меня есть - благодаря маме. все, что я делаю - благодаря ей, в ее честь, чтобы она гордилась мной. очень надеюсь, что однажды она скажет: 'смотрите, это моя дочь!'
я люблю тебя, мам! с Днём Рождения❤️
#mum #mummy #happybirthday #happybirthdaymama #blogger #blondie #follow #followme #followmeto #love

Alix Carter (@ajpendragon)

Happy Birthday to my Mama!
Thank you for being the best Mum and best friend!
Love it you millions 💜 #mumsbirthday #mymumisbetterthanyours #family #lovemine #siblings #happybirthdaymama

puteri cahaya (@pnnzrn)

Selamat Hari Lahir Buat Mama Tercinta yang ke 41 tahun, Semoga allah panjangkan usia mama, permudahkan segala urusan mama, murahkan rezeki dan pelihara kesihatan mama. Kami bangga sesangat memiliki seorang mama yang begitu tabah dan kuat menghadapi liku-liku hidup membesarkan kami adik beradik. I Love You So Much Mama. Ayah, wan, kakak, putra, nurin, aiman, ramadhan, afif, nazreen, aniq sayang mama 💕
Selamat ulang tahun perkahwinan juga untuk abah dan mak yang ke 26 tahun, semalam 20 November. Selamat bertambah usia pernikahan mak dan abah, tidak ada bahagia yang sia-sia dijatuhkan pada kalian. Semoga Allah merahmati mak dan abah. Semoga rasa kasih dan cinta mak abah terus kekal. Abang akmal, kak zati, zakhwan, puteri, irfan dan adib sayang mak abah 💕
#JiWA #happybirthdaymama #happyanniversayabahmak