Esther Garcia - Bikini Athlete (@sther_gd)

Getting Ready ..👸🏼💕🎨
Preparando la ☝️Primera capa de tinte con @protanspain para el Campeonato de Cataluña 🏆!!
Mañana será el 3er año consecutivo que me presento a este campeonato... no veas como se resiste!!😂. .
Dos años siendo bronce 🥉, un puesto con el que estoy más que contenta !! Y mañana pase lo que pase con lo que me quedo es con la gran mejoria fisica que estoy teniendo de un año para otro 😱
Miil gracias @tmgfitness_team 💙 he encontrado mi sitio... te he encontrado a ti y ya no podria ponerme en otras manos que no fueran las tuyas!
Eres una gran y dulce profesional 💙👩🏽💻

Qué ganas de estr mañana ya con todas las del equipo, salir a la tarima y.....brillaaarrr!! 💎🙂💖
Un super beeeesooo a todooos!! 🌙💕!!

Josh Tweed (@hardbodyjt)

Didn't feel like doing cardio & abs in the gym so I did my session outdoors, switch it up and enjoy new scenery at the same time☀️ #hardbody #healthy #hungry #muscle #skipping #cardio #nodaysoff #fit #fitness #fitfam #grind #joshtweed #focused #motivation #abs #outdoorworkout

Nicole Anderson💕 (@ifbbpro_nickyphysique)

Saturday is a day to bring out the guns and shoot a little! 💪😉

ŠibenikIN Style (@sibenikinstyle)

Pokrenite se uz Hard body program i odličnu akciju 1+1 u
Fitness studiju FitMagic uz Jelenu Kovak @strellix
Više informacija saznajte na novom linku u opisu profila 💚🏋️💪🙋

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Nick Walker (@npc_nick_walker)

Who am I? Depends on who you ask. Some see nothing more than a mindless monster, an egotistical freak of nature to be pitied or feared. Others see a man guided by a singular purpose. Who am I? As I stand under this hot light and look into this mirror, I see a monster and a man. But I also see a bullied fat kid. A son looking up to his old man. A youth in search of a road. I’ve since found that road and soon, I’ll know how far I’ve gone and who next I’ll become.

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You have to be able to go where I'm willing to go to get where I'm at. Follow my journey? #hardwork = #hardbody . And I'm planning on going further. #bjjlifestyle #ffathletics #functionalaesthetics

Natalie Weldon 🎀 (@natalie.nicole7)

I'm gonna go on a low calorie no carb diet. I'm also gonna do the bikini squat challenge 💪🏼👙
Nah bro you need to drink more water 💦, exercise your WHOLE body (NOT JUST BOOTY AND ABS) and learn portion size 🙌🏼 while there are things you should cut from your diet you DONT have to restrict yourself to see results. 80/20 is real guys you can eat your pizza and have results too 😉 You might think I'm crazy, or try to argue me, or even roll your eyes back at me. But guess who knows how to get results and keep them while maintaining an 80/20 diet 🐸☕️
Everyone wants results, but not everyone is willing to do what it takes to get there. I know how to help you get there, you probably won't like it sometimes but neither do I 😂💯
You know what you will like? Your clothes fitting looser 👚👖👗, new muscles poppin out 💪🏼 actually feeling healthier and happier ✨😌. How many of you gave up on that New Years resolution from almost 5 months ago? 🤔🤔
I have a new fitness challenge group starting 5/8 there's still time to start. Stop waiting for Monday, or next week, or what ever it is you think will be the perfect time. What's that saying? "There's no better time than the present" if your ready to take control of your health, and fitness this is your sign! ⚠️⚠️⚠️
Don't be afraid to reach out I'm nice I promise, I'm just real AF 😜

sassybanter1 (@sassybanter1)

Got my ass handed to me today .... guys I'm so fried but no complaints. I signed up for this and I intend on crushing the next five weeks. More work to do like those little rolls back there that no one invited to the party but I'll get rid of them. Diet. Cardio. Diet. Diet. Diet. Lift FKG weights. There's ur formula and see how I reiterated diet. Yep. Diet is the trickery.

Pauline ✴️ (@pauline._.rps)

Si seulement mes bras pouvaient rester comme ça tout le temps et pas seulement après la séance 😂
Bon sinon pas de cheat ce week-end (une fois de plus ) , je ne ressens pas le besoin de craquer pour l'instant, donc j'en vois pas l'utilité. A voir le week-end prochain 😇
Bonne soirée IG 🌸

Heather Howlett (@thefitcon)

Good luck today Theresa from everyone at The Fitness Connection! You look amazing! #figurecompetition #trainhard #workhard #fitness #hardbody #shesamazing @theresaarmbrust 😘@heatherhowlett804 @fitcon01

J. B... Ghost Training Maniac! (@marmarrae26)

Oh did I mention, that this is a husband and wife car wash? Where they do that at? Tampa, FL! Tightening up Invicta and my folk Black Widow. Bout to ride out soon...#GhostTraining #HardBody #GetItFromTheMuscle