I don’t have enough money for the album so I can’t watch the documentary yet :( who has seen it and what do you think of it? -Liza


okay but uhh, ive been meaning to post this for a while now bUT YES IM TOTALLY HERE FOR THIS

Doesn't really matter.🌸 (@harrieskitten)

Her fenty beauty series looks pretty! There's like a holo rainbow packaging and I love it
Though I don't use make up lmao
Harry Styles × Rihanna || A flowery aesthetic. Check my feed for full image🌸
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I can’t wait to see Taylor’s outfits on this tour.
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L.D 0.9 |Dec 25. 12:05 a.m|

I felt my bed dip and a hand lightly shake my shoulder, "Come on, princess." Harry whispered in my ear and open my eyes meeting his emerald eyes that look brighter even in the dark. "Here, I bought you some cloths to change into on the way. When we get there, don't talk to anyone and if they ask your name it's Aries." I nod, following him out the room.