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Nothing wrong with the way God created me. ๐Ÿค— #reallashes

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yes, i do have a bit of a theme going
a picture of me;
a nature photo, and;
something i love
this is something i love:photography
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~ยค~ ~meaningless tags~
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Slow down. Smile. Enjoy it.

The simplest of words, yet the hardest to follow. Between all the chaos motherhood brings we must always remember there are tiny little eyes watching. Tiny little ears listening. And tiny little voices, repeating. So even on your roughest day remember you are someone's storyteller, booboo kisser, chef, hand holder, protector, guide, teacher and hero. You are someone's whole, entire world! So take that moment for yourself on the couch, soak in all the cuddles and let everything else wait. For the days might seem long but the years are so, so short.