Sandy Rowe (@sandyhrowe)

Lunch today was really yummy! Tabbouleh, tortilla and cottage cheese. This lunch has fats, carbs, proteins and lots of great vitamins!

Ingredients for the tabbouleh are: - box of cherry tomatoes
- half a cucumber
- hand full of parsley
- quinoa
- hand full of mint
- rocket

Tasted great, took only 15 minutes to prep and perfect for lunch boxes 🥙🥗💪👊 #tabbouleh #lunch #lunchbox #healthyeats #healthyfood #healthyeating #healthylunch #healthyrecipes #healthybody #healthy #healthylifestyle #healthylife #parklife #personaltrainer #personaltraining #pt #aspyr #parkpt #fitfood #fitfoodie

Martha McLendon (@marthaymc)

When I'm not hungry but I know I have to eat something for breakfast. Banana smoothie with a small piece of a lactation brownie to the rescue because breastfeeding mom. 💁🏻
#smoothie #postpartumbody #gettinghealthy #healthybody #banana #almondmilk #greekyogurt #lactationbrownies #momlife #breastfeeding #breakfast #breakfasttime #bananasmoothie

HealthGreatness (@healthgreatness)

Take time for yourself. Find your peace. #LIVEGREAT

✨JESSI CLIFTON✨ (@jessicliftonfitness)

Have you heard about The Giving Key?
It's a basic key that's repurposed with a word or a saying embossed in it. Super hipster and cute but the intention is amazing.
My step-mom gifted this to me for Christmas and I fell in love with the meaning behind it.
Caitlin Crosby started this company and hired on a couple that was living on the streets in LA with the concept of loving your flaws and being the key that helps unlock something in someone else.
The couple was able to move from the streets to a motel, apartment, and now a house. And they completed their GED all while making these keys.
You are gifted the key for a purpose and once you feel you've reached that and someone else needs it more than you, you pay it forward it give the necklace to them.
Moral of the story: Love your flaws and love your neighbor.

Sara Pannullo-Emery🌻 (@sarae_fit)

Went to bed feeling awful and woke up today worse. My stomach is a mess and food is not an option right now. 😑

Im planted on the couch for the day. I NEED to get something in- what better than my shakeology. I'm hoping this boost of superfoods and nutrients will help! 💜

Bekah ✨ (@healthyalldaylong)

Putting yourself out there is scary, yes. But could you imagine if you never gave anything a go?

Jacqueline Acosta (@healthfacil)

Good morning! How do you breakfast? Here I have a kale omelet (kale is cooked with onion, yellow bell pepper, minced garlic, minced ginger, and minced thyme) served with a side of buckwheat porridge (buckwheat, walnuts, apple, orange juice, cardamom, vanilla extract, and topped with coconut flakes). I don't diet, I just eat delicious, nutritious, whole foods! #healthfacil #eattolive #longevity #fitness #breakfast #nutrition #oakland #personaltrainer #bayarea #healthybody #strong #beachbody #sexy #foodporn

Rebecca Naval (@ahealthycommitment)

⭐️❤️Hey there!!!! ⭐️❤️ Have you ever tried CRAZY or WEIRD things to lose weight like only eating once a day or taking a "fat burning pill" because you really just don't believe that you can ACTUALLY lose weight by "eating healthier" and only working out 30 minutes a day? UMMM I TOTALLY GET IT!! I was skeptical before I tried it. But I am proof that it can be done.....even after having a baby!
I totally can help you succeed no matter what your goals are. Maybe you have 5 to 10 lbs to lose, maybe you want to tone up OR maybe you have a lot of weight to lose and need a complete lifestyle change....I CAN HELP! I can help you: ⭐️learn portion control
⭐️lose weight or tone (whatever is HEALTHY for you!)
⭐️get your workouts done in 30 minutes (work harder not longer)
⭐️Have FUN!
⭐️Learn how to eat the "right" foods for your body
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Most of all you will have the support of others (virtually) who know EXACTLY how you feel.
This is No FAD "diet" or quick fix this is a LIFESTYLE change. All you do is Work with a Coach(me! ) who has completed it several times and will work along side you. If you are READY to do something great for you and your future right now, please apply thru the link on my profile! I'm looking for women who are serious about making long term changes.❤️

Kayla Riley (@thekaylariley)

While everyone was sleeping this morning, I got up early with @incredible_m.a.n and got in a workout. Keeping on track while traveling. It can be done peeps!! 💪🏼 We plan to have fun on @shiprocked 🏝️🛳️ and still keep focused on our health & fitness goals for the wedding 👰🏻 ⛪️

Charlotte Heléna💫 (@charleyshealth)

Can you ever really have too much peanut butter? Yesterday I picked up some @betterbodyfoods PB fit at @wholefoodsuk and I've already had it with 4 meals since last night🙈 It's really good for making runny peanut sauce or adding to a satay mixture if you're watching your macros👏🏼 Anyway.. somewhere under there is a big bowl of chocolate proats with @twochicksproducts and @coconutmerchant coconut flour to make them extra thick and cakey👏🏼 This was this mornings breakfast, but I've been pretty busy so have only just got round to posting it up! #health #healthy #healthyfood #healthyeats #healthyeating #healthymeals #healthybreakfast #oats #proats #eatwell #eathealthy #healthybody #healthylife #healthyfoodie #healthyfoodshare #peanutbutter #hbloggers #foodblogger #fitness #fitfoodie #fitness #fitnessfood #fitnessblogger #fitfam #fitnessgirl #healthylife #healthybody #thedailyoat #healthyrecipes