Nazmi Najib (@nazmimn)

layan distance dlu. improve pace kemudian. target dpt medal je. hahaa! #training #trainhardnot #run #casperlari #roadtofitness #roadto12km #healthylifestyle #luarbiasa #siapsiaga #sihat dh mcm sarang semut route arini 🐾🐜😅🏃🏻

KJ (@kjgoesketo)

Butter chicken with cashews over broccoli and cauli rice 👅 daddy like! Wifey made dinner tonight, I think she's mastered this one. 🍛🍗

Kristin (@exploringdomesticity)

First workout of the week, and SO great!

First Zumba class!! We had so much fun and this Momma finally got out of the house for just herself - no grocery shopping, preschool drop-off, etc... Good for the body, mind, and soul!

I love the My Challenge Tracker and getting a little pat on the back for being active!

#zumba #mychallengetracker #workout #metime #beachbody

Lizzy, BSc Dietetics, DTR (@healthyeah_lizzy)

Literally looking so confused after I actually threw the handspring 😂😂😳😳....(My actually face when trying to adult.) I miss gymnastics so much. This is a sport I quit when I was little because I didn't feel good enough and practices were long, I missed out on a lot. I couldnt be on the team and NOT compete, competitions were my least favorite thing. I ended up going back in high school and im so glad I did! But I think all the time how I wish I hadn't quit and I wish my parents would have pushed me a little harder not too and encouraged me to stick it out. And I wish someone had given me the mindset I have now to view competing in a different way and not put myself down 🙍🏻. These thoughts are not helpful or positive🙅🏻. This life experience did teach me about regret, and pushed me to push myself harder as an adult and have a better mindset because the regret of quitting something amazing (that didn't feel that way at the time) hurt worse in the end than sticking it out and making the most of it. And gymnastics did still teach me to tough things out mentally and physically, it's a scary sport and took endless practice. Even though you were on a team, You had to compete by yourself and you had one shot to get a good score showing your skills. There were no second plays, time outs or a 4th quarter to get your shit together. 💁🏻I wouldn't be who I am today without it. #foreverflipping #foreverdoinghandstands #foreversmall

Kejora Sridewi (@kejorasridewi)

Beri sedikit ruang untuk tubuhmu mengenali dirinya...beri sedikit ruang ototmu utk merasakan kenyamanan...tidakkah kau sadari ketegangan-ketegangan yg selama ini kau berikan pada tubuhmu sama halnya engkau tidak mensyukuri apa yg tlah Tuhan berikan padamu...kenali dirimu lebih dalam lagi, kenali tubuhmu, bersahabatlah dgnya..karena tubuh ini adalah rumah serta tempat tinggal kita yg paling setia dr kita tercipta hingga kita berpulang kembali kepadaNYA...
#exercise #yogainthemorning #wednesday #healthylifestyle #bodyawareness #yogasemarang #balancingyourbody #balancinglife #harmony #kejorasridewi

Heather Schopp (@heatherschopp)

You are ready to stop feeling blah, unmotivated, tired, blue, bloated, gassy.....(insert your's here). You are also a little suspect from failed diets.
Plexus is NOT a diet! I am not asking you to restrict anything. It's your choice if you want to change your eating habits.
Plexus is health and wellness. How is health and wellness going to help me loose weight?
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I was also so confused about what supplements to take and the cost of figuring it out was overwhelming.
What Plexus has done for supplementation is off the hook!
Give me 30-60 days to help you be the best version of you.
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COMBO #5: A turbo-charged, aloe-enhanced multivitamin and a power-packed, fungus-fighting probiotic to boost overall immune function.
Message me if there's a combo you'd like to try.. and we can work out the details! #getfit #budgetfriendly #lifechanging
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Ashley (@wwashley84)

Leftovers of the @skinnytaste chicken and barley soup...with a toasted English muffin drizzled with 1tsp olive oil because sometimes you just need to dunk #simplyfilling #dinner #wwleader #wwambassador #livefully #ww #weightwatchers #smartpoints #beyondthescale #wwfamily #wwfooddiary #weightwatchersworks #wwsisterhood #wwinspiration #wwbride #healthylifestyle #food

Ariane (@the_wandering_dreamer)

Today is an important day for me.
I had a choice when I woke up this morning; to let the past (and some things in the present) fill me with confusion, sadness & loneliness - or to instead choose to see the past as my lesson, to see how much I've achieved, in what ways I've grown, how little others' approval needs to mean to me & what BEAUTIFUL things I have to look forward to.
Initially, I chose the first option & stayed in bed a little too long procrastination and feeling sorry for myself.
Eventually though, I realised that the only option that would make me happy, is the second one. The second option is the only avenue that will continue to push me to grow, challenge me, & provide goodness for me. Not only that, but it is the only option that will benefit the people that I love around me, help me to build stronger bonds with them, and invite new, beautiful & empowering people into my life.
Positivity is a choice that you have to make every day, in every situation, to overcome every obstacle.
Positivity, love (for yourself & for others), and kindness are the only way forward.
This smoothie helped me to change my day around right from the start; banana, mango, berry protein powder, pepitas, flax seeds, natural peanut butter, cacao nibs, almonds & fig 💛🌻 #health #wellbeing #positivity #thejourney #growth #love #loveyourself #kindness #smoothie #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #natural #wholefoods #fitfam #fitness