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Bulgogi & dukbokki are the staples for introducing people to Korean food next to kimchi.

Abbie Overbeek (@shortfitneverquit)

I’m not going to sugar coat it.
I’ve been feeling really low the past few days, and bad thoughts and feelings have been creeping back in.
Today I had a terrible day, the kinda day where you feel like you’ve been slapped across the face and you just stand there looking like an idiot. And I am not going to lie, those bad thoughts, ran back in and I left them. I let them control me for hours today, and it’s the lowest I’ve felt in a year.
Right when I felt like things were moving forward in my career, and in my life. I was given no after no today.
I immediately felt like quitting, leaving, everything.
I almost left work today saying, “screw all of this”. It doesn’t matter anymore.
But, I know dang well that it’s going to matter tomorrow, I’m going to regret it, if I leave without a workout. I’m going to start the habit of leaving when things get hard at all.
@shortfitneverquit doesn’t quit. 🙅🏼
Walked in the weight room with my head hangin low, left with my head held high.
I’ve had several setbacks before, terrible things happen before, and I’ve gotten through it.
I can get through this to. If you’re struggling; remember, IT WILL PASS, if YOU choose to get over it. #iam1stphorm

tricia kopec (@triciakopec)

breakfast on the go 🌱 like most of you sometimes my weekends are a write off, I have no time for meal prep, and the week is slammed. keeping up with a healthy meal plan for the week can be difficult - trust me i’m living it right now! breakfast is important - it breaks your fast from your sleep and gets your metabolism going. eating a breakfast full of healthy fats and proteins will also ensure you feel full throughout the day and studies show those who don’t eat breakfast end up eating more calories throughout the day. these little apple cinnamon chia seed overnight oats took me 5 minutes to make last night - in a jar throw in 2 tablespoons of chia seeds, handful of oats, half a diced apple, 1 teaspoon maple syrup, 1 scoop collagen, teaspoon of cinnamon, and 1 cup of almond or coconut milk, shake it up well and leave it in the fridge overnight! make 2-3 so it’s one less thing you have to worry about this week ✔️

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Every day brings new opportunity. Say hello. #foodforthought #gofurther

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This is me. Do you also hesitate or over think things? Then it becomes a missed opportunity and we just end up regretting that hesitation.
#justdoit✔️ #getoutofyourcomfortzone

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@Regranned from @shoppasoap - A natural liquid shampoo made with emollient rich, deeply nourishing babassu oil, a great hair care oil. Organic babassu oil moisturizes and restores hair strength and elasticity, for shiny, healthy-looking hair,Also strengthens the hair shaft, makes hair smoother, silkier, and more manageable.
Perkenalkan Shampo varian baru #shoppasoap yay..warna gold kemerahan Ini terlihat sangat cantik di pagi hari. Saya sangat mengharapkan Shampo ini bisa membantu masalah kulit kepala yg kering karena eczema dan juga menguatkan akar rambut. Shampo ini buatan tangan tanpa detergent dan paraben. Menggunakan wangi dari essential oil lemon dan ginger. Menurut pengobatan Cina, jahe merah dipercaya dapat membantu mengobati masalah kulit kepala. Semoga bermafaaat..😘😘ingredients organic babassu,organic sunflower,jojoba oil,sheabutter,evoo, coconut oil,avocado oil ,lemon essential oil,rosemary essential oil, ginger essential oil #handmadeshampoo #babassuoil #chemicalfree #parabenfree #slsfree #shampoalami #handmadesoap #hotprocesssoap #hpsoap #liquidsoapmaking #soapshare #naturalproducts #healthyliving - #regrann

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🍓O V E R N I G H T O A T S 🍌
¡Que no te agarre la prisa! El desayuno es el alimento más importante del día y saltártelo no es buena opción. Te sentirás cansada, sin energía y seguro no rendirás igual 😴
Si eres de las que salen corriendo de la casa en la mañana y lo último que piensas es en qué vas a desayunar y luego acabas comiendo cualquier cosa, sigue leyendo.. esto te interesa seguro!
Los Overnight Oats son sin duda uno de mis desayunos favoritos, no sólo porque son deliciosos y súper versátiles, sino porque son súper prácticos, fáciles de hacer y los dejas hechos en la noche un día antes! 😲 Y listo! En la mañana sólo abres el refri, sacas tu jar y te lo llevas a donde quieras! 🤗
👉🏻 R E C E T A:
✨1/2 taza hojuelas de avena
✨ 1 taza leche vegetal ✨ 1 cucharada de chia ✨ Unas gotitas de stevia o miel de maple
Mezclas super bien!
✨yo le puse plátano, fresas y crema de cacahuate. Usa tu imaginación y dale tu toque!! 😋

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Getting upside down in paradise ❤️ Exploring some beaches near Phuket and found this spot where a river runs out into the ocean. It kind of reminded me of the PNW. Thanks for the snap @apearlst and to @thanyapuraphuket for the transport and hospitality! Wearing @aloyoga on top. 😊 #aloyoga #beagoddess #balance #breathe #yoga #beach #handstand #strong #flexible #travel #explore #getoutside #wander #roam #retreat #igyoga #healthyliving #instayoga

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Who's a sweaty mess? ME!!! Thanks to #shiftshop and my friend and neighbor @do_getsfit for challenging me to do this program! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. (Look at those guns tho lol 💪🏼) DAY 1 SHIFT SHOP COMPLETE. #fitmama #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitnessmom #fitmom #healthy #healthyliving #activemom #fitisthenewsexy #fit #blondie #fitgirl #momoftwo #momofgirls #nopainnogain #pushyourself #loveyourself #challengeaccepted


I ran a mile today and man was that hard :') I'm so out of shape that I had to stop twice but I have faith that I will get better and faster 💪🏻
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#Repost @wynnfitness (@get_repost)
OK, admit it, you ate some of it this morning! After reading the full article (link below), you’ll find out that you are probably thinking right, but that there are healthier swaps or options that you can do to start your day right. ⬇️
So instead of reaching for a box of cereal which usually comes with too much sugar and not enough of good stuff, opt for overnight oats. If you like yogurt, which is definitely a healthy option IF you buy the right one, so not one that says nonfat or comes with a significant amount of sugar. Think about it, if they take out the fat, they have to put something else back in, and it’s not good. If you like it sweet, sweeten it yourself with honey or some other natural syrup.
Make that toast to be whole wheat with real butter and not something that comes with trans fat, and then add some other foods to go with it, this alone is not nearly counted as a appropriate fuel. ☝️
And there are other examples, something to review and rethink, read about it here (type this link directly into your browser or find the clickable one in the same post on our FB page @wynnfitnessclubs) : ✨ http://ow.ly/IkHz30fUy2c ✨
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Mulberry attack! We love these little nuggets. Good morning! Hope your week is going well, we are looking forward to the public holiday (that's tomorrow!). Remember to have your 5 a day 🍇🍒🍋🥝🍅🍎🍉🍊🍑 today!

Psssst! Petite Fruits Confections is now selling on Redmart, make sure to check it out! 100% fruit!
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