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Oh, there has only been one time where we fucked
And I felt like a bad memory
Like my spine was a reminder of her
And you said that you felt sick
I was so heavy hearted, lying side-on with you afterwards
How I wanted you to promise we would only make
How I wanted you to promise we would only make
How I wanted you to promise we would only make love
But my mouth felt like I was choking, broken glass
So I just slept it off
You see, my mouth felt like it could talk the end of us
So I just slept it off, slept it off
No care, no care in the world
No care, no care
I don't care, I don't care anymore
-No Care
By Daughter

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Fiona Scarlett shows us love ain't always pretty #love #betrayal #heartbroken #whatdidshethink.blogspot.com.au

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What are the things are you grateful about?

Is it about the material things that you have, is it a job that you have or the people that is around you today?

For whatever it is, always be thankful for what you have, good or bad, or things that doesn't turn out well in your life right now. There is always a reason why, but I am sure everything will end well.

So don't worry about the difficulties that you're going through right now, because it won't be permanent, there is always a gift for the ones who believe and are grateful for the things that they have.

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Something simple || You never know when someone’s last moment is, last memory, last breath. Treat everyone well, make people happy and live your life to the fullest cuz trust me, death gives you a bigger surprise than life ever had ➰

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❝But isn’t nudity so beautiful though? Like not for pornography but for art. It’s natural beauty. People just over sexualize it❞
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IUI cancelled. Im absolutely devastated. Long post ahead.

Between my last scan on Tuesday and today, I’ve had insane results to the Clomid 100mg and now have 6-7 full sized follies ready to go instead of the required 1-2 for IUI. More eggs = more chance of pregnancy = multiples = increased health risks... my FS basically said that 2 eggs is an acceptable risk, but 7 is dangerous and he therefore refused to do the insemination. As a single mum to be, I just couldn’t disagree with him no matter how much I wanted to beg to please please please let’s go ahead anyway.

To make a decision to cancel a cycle, to throw your eggs away, to wait another month to try again - it’s pushing something that was so close to now being so far again. In the real world, another 30 days would mean nothing. In the TTC community, we know that 30 days feels like a lifetime and another cycle isn’t just waiting but more medication, more side effects, more vitamins, more avoidance of caffeine, more secrets, more hope, more sadness, more tears... Another 30 days is hardest pill to swallow - we all want our babies in our arms yesterday!

The punchline of this whole joke is that I still have to trigger on Saturday. I hate needles. A failed cycle doesn’t mean I get out of the worst part of the IUI for me. I need to trigger because my FS is concerned I won’t release all the eggs on my own and they will turn into cysts.

This was not in the plan. This is not how things are supposed to be happening. This is not what I imagined. —
I’ve been searching for somebody to blame. For a reason to justify my anger. For the right words to describe my feelings of shock, anger, sadness, frustration, disappointment.

That’s the end of cycle #1, just like that. I’m in no mood to see Adelaide - I just want to go home. So flights have been changed, money has been lost, tears have been shed, donuts have been eaten. I’ll be home tomorrow and Ill start this whole game again on Monday. Until then, I’m going to love myself, be gentle with my ruminating, and choose positivity where I can muster the motivation to do so... Let the countdown for AF begin....

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It's time to be a bitch...shove all the love down a ditch

Go for many but not the rich

Oh baby...heartbreak is just a tiny glitch
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