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Mochi is made from smashing short grain japnoica rice with the relentless fury of a 1000 angry polar bears until it is transformed into this delicious little ball of goodness... P.s Don't quote me on that

Oli Pinter ⚡️︎ (@olipinter)

Supply & demand
Kodak Portra 160 • Pentax 645
#film #35mm

Hobby Ulin Garut Id (@hobbyulingarut_id)

Photo today @sacakinanti -
Good Day 💦
Taken at Talaga Bodas, Garut.
Original Picture @chepybennington .
• Let's relax and enjoy the beauty of this nature, let's preserve it.Be a responsible traveler. And share it to your land in @hobbyulingarut_id #hobbyulingarut_id

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Who else’s life is spiralling out of control!?

Sergio 🇦🇷🇺🇸🇪🇸 (@sergicendra)

One of the greatest London view which I took it from last journey at The Royal Observatory Greenwich.
It's an unbelievable calm place right there in the cit center, if you got a chance got to visit.

Azalea (@zljmmrmb)

Wanderlust and city dust 🌃✨

kaizenkan (@kaizenkan)

Some winter romantic | #austria