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What a healthy looking load of shopping! Can anyone guess what these ingredients are going to be turned into in this weekend's workshops? Think American style herbal remedies and think of Rosemary Gladstar's methods.... #herbworkshop #herbalist #herbalmedicine #teaching

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#Fall Brews on Deck tomorrow only @freedomfarmersmkt w//@growwhereyouare !!*We strive to provide Effective #HerbalMedicine and look forward to these bottles hitting your medicine cabinet or #CocktailBar #CraftVinegar #Herbalism #DailyTonics

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Herbs are often classified into actions—the effect that an herb is believed to have on the human body. A sedative herb, also known as a relaxant, calms and soothes the nervous system, and can help induce sleep.  The stress response is likely to present as signs and symptoms such as increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, palpitations, poor digestion, insomnia, and anxiety amongst others. Sedatives are often used to help a person who is unable to sleep because of stress causing these problems. 🌙💤✨☕️ -
Discover what “herbal” self-care really means. It is much more than just taking herbs when we are frazzled or blue or tired. In the Herbal Self-Care for Stress Management Course (on sale thru 10/30) we will be talking about sedative herbs, along with others. Join us in class and explore stress and its effects on wellbeing. Delve into the holistic approach to self-care for stress management. You’ll walk away with an understanding of the nutritional choices, lifestyle practices, and herbs that can transform your response to stress and enhance your wellbeing. Learn more by clicking the LINK  in our profile! Happy Friday!!

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My family is all set for Fall. Picked up our @andilynns2011 Fall Blend today for on @redstickspice

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Elderberry syrup infusion featuring rose petals and rosemary sprigs! Elderberry is a classic cold weather immune booster and rose and rosemary both add extra flavor and nutrient content. Delicious and nutritious!

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Brighten up your day with some Sunflower Petals. Useful for inflammation of the windpipe and tonsils - helps soothe a sore throat too!
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Come hang with us this weekend! Whether you're taking a class or just enjoying your free time, we are here to provide you with the goods. Open 8am to 6pm both Saturday and Sunday! ☀️🌴❤️🌿

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Auto Cheese🧀 is looking nice and even, ready to take off. LST training is a simple and easy way to get the most fruit out of your garden without giving up all your space. #GrowTips #GrowYourOwn #Cannabiz #cannabis #HerbalMedicine #BayArea #cbd #THC #personalstash

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Mahonia nervosa- Oregon grape, grows as forest ground cover under Douglas-fir second growth. We have LOTS of this plant gracing us on the west coast of BC. 🌿herbally used for its berberine content which is very anti-microbial and healing to mucous membranes
🌿the medicinal content is in the roots or the base of the stem near the roots. It’s the inner layer under the bark that is bright yellow and full of berberine
🌿consider ourselves lucky, here on the west coast we have tons growing and elsewhere it can be very scarce. 🌿mahonia aquifolium also abundant in BC but predominantly seen more in the interior
🌿Oregon grape 🍇 named for blue grape like berries in the summer, edible and delicious in a jelly
🌿 go on a hike this weekend and go check some out
#plantnerd #myherbalstudies
Ps. Many beginners think this is holly. Go see if you can tell the differences 😜

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I never thought I would struggle writing and speaking about something I love so much. Here, I break down why I think the struggle is real.

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The Vetiver struggle is real 😂
Today I am sharing my super easy DIY tips for making oil life easier. Are you tired of waiting for you Vetiver to drop out of your bottle? I replaced mine with a glass dropper cap from Amazon Prime - best decision ever 🙌🏻 Pro tip, these dropper caps, no matter where they are from, just don’t seal as well as the caps that come straight from dōTERRA so avoid letting them lie on their side!
#doterra #essentialoils #essentialoil #doterralove #yleo

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... and in the blink of a sunny eye .. the rain is back ☔️ .. I'm thinking of being horizontal all day with my babies + cuppa + books 🛌👶🏼🐶🐱🐰xA ( no guilt / embracing the slow 🌿) xA #openroadliving #detoxandthrive #rainydays #byronbay

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Sometimes I miss floral arranging. I loved the moment when people first see a beautiful arrangement and they are in complete awe of the presence of flowers.
I stopped designing because I believe that flowers are worth more than just their beauty.
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Clinic day today 💛🌿 I'm here until 1pm on Saturdays and would love to meet you! Herbal Medicine for Women is my special area of interest, in particular, Thyroid health, Stress & Anxiety, Hormonal balance, Pregnancy & Post Partum care. If you would like to know more feel free to PM me Xx