jeannewmanglock (@jeannewmanglock)

Who knew pink was the color for hiking in the Atlas Mountains? Clearly they were waiting for me. Last September in Morocco.

Shelby Landry (@shelbytaytelandry)

So stoked about hitting this pose even if it was just for a second
You gotta celebrate every victory in life, no matter how small ✨
I am so glad I found this community that has help me become so educated about health and fitness when I had NO clue before
I am blessed to have found the beauty of personal development in a generation that's constantly criticizing one another..It is crazy how much I have grown mentally.
I'm honored to say I'm a health coach and help people fall in 💓love💓 with their lives
It's so fulfilling to learn ppl's goals and helping them see the step by step process of HOW they can accomplish these goals..That it IS possible to do those things you never thought you could do.
I know I say this a lot, but if I can do this ANYONE CAN!
I believe in you but you must first believe in yourself.
Happy hump day 🐪 time to go kill my workout ~~~

It's still today (@itsstilltoday)

"These bars (while having an awesome name) are mostly organic, taste like a no-bake cookie, and are chock-full of nutrients! Thanks!" - Kate about Kate's Bars.
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Lisette 🐤 (@elisabethjacolien)

Dogsitting for a week on our housemate's dogs (who was vacationing at Hawaii, lucky girl!) was fun, especially on the one day that it didn't rain 😂

Jamison Hibbard (@whoishibb)

From the summit of Calbuco Volcano 🌋