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When that FRAUD, family member or foe is in your👂with everything they say I am, with everything they say I didn't do for them.. KNOW I did it #all for them. More than their own flesh & blood in many cases💅 Know that I was there, and when I wasn't, I called.. I texted. I otherwise CAME THRU. I apologized, showed and improved shortcomings on my part. But above all, I loved them as fiercely as possible, and they appreciated none of it. #justknow #Ioncecared #him #her #maybeevenyou #KattWilliamsvoice #itsallbehindmenow #crystalclearconscienceoverhere #goodluckwiththat 👍👍

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Holding hands is a promise to one another that, for just a moment, the two of you don't have to face the world alone.
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H A P P Y 1 8 T H B I R T H D A Y T O M Y H A N D S O M E N E P H E W J A M I E 🎉👦🏼💙 I hope you have a lovely day ☺️ I can't believe your 18 🙈 I remember when you was born, best feeling of being a auntie 😍you made it very special. Im very proud how you turn out to be a handsome young man ✌🏼I remember taking you to my football game for Chelsea you loved it ⚽️ Don't get too drunk at the weekend 🍺 have a drink on me 😂🍻love you with all my heart 💙💙 xxxxxxx

KING LIO ST. (@kingliostudio)

I'm feeling deeply in love with everything since I finished HER. One of my favorite movies so far, portraying feelings and love in such a beautiful way.
Can I have a HIM., please ?
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Denna killen är underbar , denna killen är helt enkelt bäst och jag har turen att kalla han för min💕
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