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I’ve been using Mobile Pass to re-enter the US during my last few trips, but today I couldn’t - turns out US Customs and Immigration are stationed in Nassau - and I had to use the machine that always prints an X over my face. The last time I asked an agent about this, he said it was because “Hispanic names are so alike.” This time the agent told me “it’s because of your name and you will always get it” because of “someone we’re looking for.” I just told her about my last experience with this explanation and that it was really fucking racist. I bet regular Joes with generic Anglo names are not having this problem. “Hispanics” use two last names and the federal agencies couldn’t possibly have more info about me unless I have them my DNA. When I moved to Chile in 2008, I was required to submit my finger prints to the FBI and Interpol as part of my visa application. I even have a US Embassy affidavit stating that “Marina Reyes” is “Marina Reyes Franco” because the Americans only use one surname. The agent, unsurprisingly, laughed and asked how the computers could possibly be racist. Because they’re programmed by people. People are racist. And mediocre. And paranoid. Gringos be gringo-ing. Really makes me wonder who is this OTHER Marina Reyes Franco, international woman of mystery, that they are “looking for.” #post911 #hispanic (And yeah, I know I could apply to Global Entry but the thought of having an application interview with an agent to be vetted for easy entry back to Puerto Rico grosses me out. I still have to negotiate that with myself.)

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We have another SPECIAL podcast this week, we are offering it in two languages! For our English listeners, Mike and Pete sit down with Andres Arango, Bishop's Delegate for Hispanic Ministry. For Spanish listeners, Marianela Nunez, Catholic Schools Office field consultant for the Latino enrollment program, takes the co-host chair and joins Pete and Andres for the interview.
Both podcasts discuss this weekend's V Encuentro, which will bring together South Jersey Hispanics for day of reflection, faith sharing, and missionary discipleship. Both podcasts also touch on evangelization, Pope Francis, and what gifts Hispanics bring to the Catholic Church. ¡Tenemos otro podcast ESPECIAL esta semana, lo estamos ofreciendo en dos idiomas! Para nuestros oyentes en inglés, Mike y Pete se sientan con Andrés Arango, Delegado del Obispo para el Ministerio Hispano. Para los oyentes en español, Marianela Núñez, Directora del programa de inscripción de latinos en la oficina de Escuelas Católicas, conduce el programa y se une a Pete y Andrés para la entrevista.
Ambos podcasts discuten el V Encuentro de este fin de semana, que reunirá a los hispanos de South Jersey para un día de reflexión, intercambio de fe y discipulado misionero. También abordan temas como la evangelización, el Papa Francisco, y los regalos que los hispanos aportan a la Iglesia Católica.

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Let’s be brave and bold; it’ll get better🌷


"mountain dew, please" #maryjblige

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INDIE DIFC presents #RitmoLatino, the #DiaDeLosMuertos Edition on Monday, October 30 💃🏻☠️🇲🇽 COMPLIMENTARY DANCE CLASSES: #BACHATA | #SALSA | #REGGAETON

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So apparently I technically missed drawing for Hispanic Heritage Month. I was too busy reading my library’s section for it. 😅
A couple of years ago I began digging into the Mexican history books, to find out more about my culture and where my ancestors came from. Up until then I had only heard stories at family reunions of great great grandfathers and grandmothers coming to the U.S. As I continued reading I became more aware and even became proud of my roots. While my family is several generations in, it never hurts to celebrate one’s own heritage. 😉
Hopefully I can get this done soon. This is not a study and I’m SUPER rusty drawing people so bare with me here, peepz!
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