Kittz Molnar (@k.ranlom)

Hey guys, i just created another page @kmmcrafts which I am going to use it to post my creations, homemade goodies, decorations which is my passion and hobby apart from photography. If you like what I do follow the page for further update. Many many thanks ♥️

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crystalyarncrafts (@crystalyarncrafts)

Made this little baby romper 0-3 months yesterday. So adorable and quick to work up! If only I had a little model to try it out on 😄🤔 but hoping to make a couple more of this to sell on Sunday at the On the Border Community Market. Only size 0-3 months though unfortunately.
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Ashley Wyrwas (@ashleywyrwas)

Hi everyone! So I did something that I've been wanting to do forever! I've made a separate page for my creations! I would love if you would follow @a.w.handmade . I wanted to create another page for my handmade things so I wasn't filling people's feed, but if you don't mind come on over!! Also big thank you to Paige (@aformeroutlaw ) for helping me set up the page and using her amazing skills!

a.w.handmade | ashley (@a.w.handmade)

Welcome to my hobby page! I thought I would make another account for anyone that would like to follow my creations. I'm very excited about this! Big thank you to Paige (@aformeroutlaw ) for helping me set up!

Blugurumi (@blugurumi)


Benim ilk oyuncağım bordo renkli bir yastıktan yapılmış "Kezban" bebekti.

Sevdiklerimin bebeklerine ilk oyuncaklarını yapma isteği ile amigurumi merakım başladı. Benim için onlar yeğenlerim. Yeğenlerime büyüdüklerinde de hatırlayacakları, bebekken yanlarından ayırmak istemeyecekleri bir oyun arkadaşını sevgi ile yapıyorum.

Sevgi ile kalın


My first toy was a handmade doll called as 'Kezban' which was made by a claret red pillow.

My curiosity for amigurumi first started when I wanted to create a special gift -as a first toy- for the children of my beloved ones.
For me, my beloved ones are my nieces and nephews.
I create a toy with love which will become something that they would never want to give up as a baby and a special object that can still be remembered as a grownup.

Stay with love

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