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Сам Бог велел сегодня остаться дома и таки открыть давно заброшенную книгу, почитать и отдохнуть от суеты повседневной жизни среднестатистического студента 🤦🏼‍♀️ Вот проснулась утром довольная, что выходной, наконец-то появилось время доделать все дела двухмесячной давности. Но оказалось, что о выходном я могу только мечтать и мне бежать на работу через полчаса, а меня закрыли дома и ключей нет🤦🏼‍♀️. И вот сижу я такая, то-ли расстроенная, то-ли нет, с чашкой горячего чая и #holdinguptheuniverse 📚 (и еще с неподготовленным интервью и прочей журналистической терминологией) и наслаждаюсь этим дождливым вечером 🍂Так вот, случайности не так уж случайны, и пусть сегодня не ваш день и все идёт не по плану, найдите что-то хорошее и в этом! Хорошее всегда есть во всем. Главное, уметь найти 😌 #моимысли #mythoughts #vscosofia #vscobulgaria #vscobalkan

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In memory of those whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence. And to acknowledge those who are have fought and continue to fight for their equality. 💗💙

As a cisgender female I can not speak for the trans rep in “the art of being normal” or “if I was your girl”. I can say that I found both be beautifully written and educational. •
TRIGGER WARNINGS for both “the art of being normal” and “if I was your girl” for transphobia related content. •

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"You are not a freak. You are wanted. You are necessary. You are the only you there is. Don't be afraid to leave the castle. It's a great big world out there" - #LibbyStrout, #HoldinguptheUniverse by #jenniferniven
Another great book by Jennifer Niven and this time nobody died. Libby is who I want to be. Outrageously herself, not afraid to take up space, and willing to put herself out there despite every reason not to trust.

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decided to give this book another try, as i only got like 50 pages in before quitting last time. i think i might be more into it this time but we'll see 🤷‍♀️
i am so ready for a 5 day weekend for thanksgiving.. like yes please, i need this

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HEYO ✨✨✨ .
These are the books I bought at the Book Fair and read so far.
First,I read "Simon VS The Homo Sapiens Agenda" and I loved it,it was such a cute story about friendship and love! Also I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE OKAY 😱🌈 .
And the second book I read is "Holding Up The Universe" and this book was oh,holy fuck AMAZING! I loved the characters,they were so complex and I could totally relate to their struggles! And the Supernatural references! 🙌 Also,Jack and I share the same birthday,October 1st,which is also really cool 😅

What are you reading at the moment? Please,let me know 💖

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Cosy Sunday’s getting lost in a book 🙌yes please 😍❤️ #bookworm #cutebook #holdinguptheuniverse #sunday #cosy

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"Dear friend,

You are not a freak. You are wanted. You are necessary. You are the only you there is. Don’t be afraid to leave the castle. It’s a great big world out there.

A fellow reader." -Jennifer Niven, Holding Up The Universe

Okay, I don't really understand why some people are saying that this book is offensive towards overweight people. I mean, I'm an overweight and I do not find every detail in this book offensive rather I find it as inspiring as it should be.

A deserving 4/5 stars, for me.

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"To thine own self be true."
-- William Shakesphere, Hamlet

I have a very important message to you all which is also related to this book that I adore and all.

I know that someone might throw rocks at you, but that doesn't stop you because you're invincible. Just because you look different--inside and out doesn't mean that you aren't worth it and that you aren't part of someone's life and the world itself. Think about years back and the choices you made that lead you here what you are right now. It's true that you and others change and that's because everyone is improving such as yourself. It's not fate that decides, it's YOU who decides! One day, as you get older, you'll get to see and understand the real world and realize that you're going to seek out for answers and that you're not alone. Everyday is a challenge and it's as if your life is a tree itself. You climb up your tree trying to get up to the top of it, those branches you may step on may break and fall while other branches may stay still, representing your choices and challenges in life. When you get to the very top, who knows? Is it a dream come true? Or your biggest dream is to reach for the stars? If you fall down from the tree there's always a choice given whether you climb up your tree again or give up. We know we should sometimes give up, but never forget to learn a lesson and try climbing up again the next day. We're all dreamers after all and that we are different--UNIQUE in very different ways.

I remember reading this book like 4 months ago, thank you, @jenniferniven for writing this book! It really inspired me and my whole life to change to make it better and I love the characters as much as how I love great changes in me. ❤️

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Vocês são as minhas cores 💕

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In love with these books because they tell stories about mental illnesses. ❣️
Each one of 'em is highly recommended! 🌟

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Hey y'all! Happy Friday! I'm so glad I can finally sleep in!😏 I also need to read A LOT this weekend. I've barely read any pages of AEITA these past few days. It's happening this weekend though! Also I might be going to Ikea tomorrow and I'm so pumped! I've never been! Have y'all been to Ikea? I've heard it's a bookstagrammer's dreamland😍😂

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What is your favorite (brick and mortar) place to shop? (Could be bookish but doesn't have to be😉)

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I have finally finished reading both of these amazing books. Both heart wrenching and enlightening; 💕 #bookworm #allthebrightplaces #holdinguptheuniverse #amazingreads @jenniferniven

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I loved All The Bright Places. After reading it last year I saw it compared to John Green's The Fault In Our Stars, although I personally thought it was much better. I had high hopes for Holding Up the Universe.
It wasn't objectively worse than Jennifer Niven's first YA novel. But I now find myself using a John Green comparison: when you've read one of his books you've read them all, and sadly this also felt like a retread. The format, the main character duality, the emotional arc of the narrative - the blueprint of the novel was exactly the same as the last. Even though we had different characters in a different setting confronting different issues, there was nothing new enough in that to sing out.
It's unfair to point a finger at one novel or one writer though. There is a wash of American YA contemporary fiction writers (Nicola Yoon is another author that comes to mind) all following the same format. One thing that made HUTU different to ATBP was the single pages of lists or observations by the characters interspersing the prose chapters, something Nicola Yoon innovated in Everything Everything. It made that novel so charming. Here, again, it feels like an echo, or a cheap imitation even.
I think if this was the first of the above-mentioned novels I picked up, I would be raving about it. But the thing that makes a novel like this stand out is how it plucks your heartstrings differently to the last. Maybe this book covers topics that sing out to some more than the others. Admittedly, ATBP touched a place really close to my heart and my life which may be the reason it was so profound to me. After all these books are for teens first and foremost, and I need to remember that my more adult perspective can conflict. Perhaps it can be better to have all these options representing different teen struggles. But personally, once you've read so many of these things only a few can truly stand out.

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Happy Weekend! 💕Habt ihr schon Lesepläne für das Wochenende? Diese beiden Bücher befinden sich nun schon seit Ewigkeiten auf meinem SuB. Das muss ich unbedingt bald ändern.
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