Summerjax (@summerjaxproductions)

Brand l Hollister
Creative Direction l Leanne Ford Creative
Video Director | Lariat Creative

josh (@joshsuisomusic)

Beyond excited to be promoted to store manager! I can't wait to see what this next chapter in my career holds! And im so excited to get to continue my journey with all of the amazing associates at my store. The store and myself would be nothing without them. ❀️ #Team30360 #hollister #hollisterco #hollisterassociate #hco #30360

Amy Rose Merckling (@amy.r0see)

Reppin the job way to oftenπŸ˜‚

B E R R I E (@berriebarely)

S/O to the couple behind me.

Arior Richardson (@ariorrichardson)

UPDATE - I changed my whole outfit cause it's cold afffff and I'm not happy, cause I looked bomb. 😐
Jacket - #MichaelKors
Sweater - #BananaRepublic
Jeans - #HollisterCo
Boots - #PoloRalphLauren
Side Note - I never get cold, so this is extra weird. 😩

Caitlin Jenson (@fieldersgirl_fitness)

I just gotta say - it looks silly, and kinda simple... but this move yo! My favorite combo of the ENTIRE workout - cause you can literally (when your rotating to the best of your ability) feel your core SHREDDING!!! BEST FEELING EVER!!! I'm starting up Round 3 on Monday with the on demand add ins 😜 who's down to join me and see some MORE killer results!!! Stop watching me - why the heck don't you join me!!!