Kari Armstrong (@kariarmstrong)

Lion’s Gulch and Homestead Meadow yesterday with the @boulderhikerchicks yesterday. I love explore new trails. I can’t wait to head back to this one sometime next September to see the aspens and fully explore all the homesteads. #usforest #lionsgulchtrail #homesteadmeadows #colorado #lyons #boulderhikerchicks #52hikechallenge2017 #hike92

Corey Keizer (@coreykeizer)

Managed to not kill myself on a very #sporty #mtb ride today, so I have that going for me. #lionsgulch #homesteadmeadows #hermitpark #trailsandshit #colorado

Whitney Meza (@whitmeza)

so much fun hanging out with these two tonight. the rain didn't stop them for a second! spent some time down by the lake too. can't wait for your wedding next summer Cory and Monique! #whitmezaphoto #greenlakewi #homesteadmeadows

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer (@emilymeganphotography)

Don't mind my cray-cray hair (it was super windy!) but here I am in action! If you're wondering how I work on a wedding day, I'll tell you this - we have a lot of fun! I have you "do" stuff, I don't just pose ya. Here I was telling Kristin to pick her dress up and put it back down, pretty simple, right? But it gives us some movement and a more natural vibe, better than that posey-posey, super awkward stuff. Another rule I have on the job is that your wedding day is NOT just for photos - photography can naturally take up a lot of time but I really want you to be in the moment and enjoy time with your guests too. I don't want it to feel like you are at a photoshoot for 12 hours - yuck! I am always conscious of the amount of time I use during the day and always make it a priority to get you to the celebrating and partying as soon as possible! Because if the "Cupid Shuffle" is happening, we need to be apart of it!

redstone cyclery (@redstonecyclery)

Looped #hermitpark, #homesteadmeadows, and #liongulchtrail using 36 yesterday. Here's a little insta tour of the goods. No pics in LG proper, I was too busy hanging on! This loop is only 20min west of the shop. Come on by and we'll show you how! #LyonscoloRADo

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer (@emilymeganphotography)

Textures and patterns are a few things that inspire me. I love paper goods that give me a background to work with. I love loose, organic florals that add dimension to portraits. And I love tulle and lace and chiffon and even velvet on wedding days. Give me all the papers, flowers, and fabrics!! And if you're feeling inspired, go to the blog and check out Kristin and Travis' wedding at Homestead Meadows (link in profile!).

Valerie Richter (@meaningfuljourney.valerie)

Wedding Venue Shopping for child #2.
Beautiful! Paying cash! Win!
#wedding #budgeterswin #daveramsey #venue #homesteadmeadows

Courtney Knutson (@courtneyy_rae3)

In exactly 365 days I get to marry my best friend and my future students will be able to call me Mrs. Hughes. I am so excited, let the 1 year countdown begin! 06.15.2018. 👰🏼💍 #wedding #2018 #homesteadmeadows