Beth Martinez (@beth_mua_)

About a year ago my friend @danielmartin made this palette for @honest_beauty - I love it so much! He developed such gorgeous pigment with a limited set of ingredients that are vegan, gluten free, and safe for sensitive eyes. All natural makeup is generally inferior in pay-off but not these shades. I hope he gets to do another palette soon!!! This one is so on point for current trends too! #honestbeauty #naturalcosmetics #vegan #glutenfree #sensitiveskin #sensitiveeyes #mua #crueltyfree #palette #shadowpalette

Mel's Diary🌟 (@mellylm_)

The greatest piece of advice I've ever been given was to not worry about what others think of you. It was drummed into me as a child by my Aunty and I am forever grateful. As long as you aren't hurting anyone, having the strength then be an individual is never a bad decision. Who cares if you aren't popular or you don't always fit in. Do you really want to stifle your own dreams or decisions because of fear of judgement? And I love how ppl always say "oh but everyone is going to think xyz" ... who cares?! Even if you look silly every now and then it's better than going against what you really want and your own true self. #honestbeauty #quotes #amypoehler #love #mondaymotivation

Topeka Tech (@topekatech)

Use MINTSonic with your favorite products! 🌿 Share your skincare faves using #MINTSoniclove

emeraldcleanbeauty (@emeraldcleanbeauty)

Summer weather calls for clean, fresh, simple beauty looks. 🤗 @suntegrity 5 in 1 tinted moisturizer, @mayachiabeauty illuminator in after hours, @tartecosmetics gifted mascara, and @honest_beauty lip crayon in sheer blossom. #cleanbeauty #detoxbeauty #naturalbeauty #nontoxicbeauty #suntegrity #mayachia #tartecosmetics #honestbeauty #nofilter

Renee McCullough👸🏼 (@cutegirlzrock)

I was finally able to find a @target that carries @honest_beauty and splurged and bought what could! Super excited to put these beauties to use. And while I was at it, I of course had to get a few @pixibeauty products that I had been dying for. Do any of you use Honest or Pixi, tell me if you love it!? 😻


Best bottom you will find on Instagram. #honestbeauty #honormycurves #prouddad #summertime