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Ok so don't judge me...martin flew away on business this morning, so I'm without my annoying person...I never do earlies, so I'm kinda tired, and on the way home I was debating in my head wether to hit the gym tonight or take it easy (I'm up at 5am 2 days for a client and running an event at work for one of those days til 10pm 😨) so I made a little silent deal with the monkey on my shoulder...if my new skincare comes tonight I will have a relaxing evening in, if not I will go to the gym!! Well look what's here! I'm so excited to try this brand, and see what the fuss is about! #skincare #skincareroutine #skincareobsessed #youglowgirl #theordinaryskincare #deciem #skinisthebestcanvas #hyaluronicacid #thebuffet #rosehipseedoil #magnesiumascorbylphosphate #honestskincare #yourskinmatters

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I'm Working from home today and enjoying filling my house with the natural scent of wildflowers a delicate floral incense with slightly sweet and Woody notes . Just perfect 😌Our incense are free from alcohol ,colours ,preservatives and synthetics , we use pure essential oils , petals and resins and we are totally vegan too . #honestskincare #incense #wildflowers #petals #essentialoils #shoplocal #kingsheath #birmingham

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Do you have a tube of chapstick or lip gloss in about every nook and cranny of your life?

I used to.....until Rodan + Fields Redefine Lip Renewing Serum!💋
This serum is packed with peptides and Vitamin E to help retain their natural moisture, visibly smooth lip texture and reduce the appearance of lip wrinkles.
Check out this photo of fellow consultant Lisa's daughter and read what she had to say: "I don't know why I continue to be amazed by these products, everything we or friends have used have been wonderful, but still they amaze me!

Winter can be especially tough for skin and this morning Macy's lips were paying the price! They were dry, chapped, and bleeding!

I had just gotten my container of Lip Renewal Capsules yesterday to use in mini facials and got one out to use with her. I applied half after taking the before picture and the other half about two hours later. Fast forward another two hours and they look amazing!!! Truly unbelievable!" Let me help you nourish your lips!👄 Contact me today.
All product comes with an empty bottle, 60 day, money back guarantee.
#rodanandfields #loveyourlips #guaranteed #clinicallyproven #getrealresults #honestskincare

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Calling new faces!

We're looking for 10 fresh faces to participate in a clinical trial to demonstrate HydroSkin’s phenomenal results.

Tag a friend who you think could benefit from HydroSkin!

The trial will go for 90 days and requires an initial photograph (before) and 3 followup photographs (after) which will be shared. All genders welcome!
Those involved will be given 90 days worth of product to use free of charge.
If you are interested, please email contact@hydroskincare.com.au

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Just happened to turn the page @telegraph_magazine to find an honest candle , your house is such a beautiful space @tilly_hemingway_ceramics 🌿thankyou for adding a bit of honest :) #tillyhemingway #ceramics #home #design #space #plantlife #simple #honestskincare #telegraph #reading

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I thought I was gonna have to head all the way back to #Birmingham to pick up some @honestskincare, but they're stocked just round the corner from my office in @odellsstore, #Soho! I've got my eye on the black pepper and lemongrass hand wash... 🍋 #veganskincare #crueltyfree

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As we grow, so does our range - what’s your favourite HydroSkin product and what should we develop next?!

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Our best selling product CALMING CLEANSING CREAM - our cleanser is just fabulous 😃unscented and creamy perfect for everyone . #honestskincare #cleanse #wash #skincare #natural #unscented #cleanser #shoplocal

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#regram thank you @mybeautyheroes for sharing your fantastic #hydroskin experience! #results

HydroSkinCare (@hydroskincare)

We’re passionate about supporting and utilising Australian native and locally sourced ingredients - they make up 95% of our products! Check out our blog post HS Story - How its Made. Link in bio.

HydroSkinCare (@hydroskincare)

Our Winter Oil is not season specific - use all year round for bright, glowing skin in an instant!

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Wishing our lovely friend tom @odellsstore lots of luck with his new store that opened today in Soho . #odells #newstore #soho #london #clothing #homewares #honestskincare #shoplocal #newspace

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@honestskincare candle making ☝🏻They believe there's no need to pack products full of synthetic ingredients and they do really take care choosing ingredients that are healthy and effective for all os us. They craft all products by hand. Photo by @honestskincare candle making process #candlemaking #birmingham #handmade #natural #skincare #scentedproducts #sustainable #transparency #communication #honestskincare #properskincare