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Every pair of boots has a story...
January 1, 2010 was my very first horse back riding lesson. I was 9 years old, and the only thing I knew how to do was groom a horse, and that was because of the picture books I read. Riding however, can’t be learned from a picture book, and I wanted to ride. That being said, my parents found the closest, cheapest place to ride, for while we weren’t poor, we didn’t have loads of money. My first lesson was done with me wearing my pink snow boats, my matching winter coat, some jeans and a bike helmet. The more I went to lessons, the more I realized how unprofessional I looked compared to the other girls; they had real, genuine horseback riding breeches and riding pants, and nice gloves, and actual helmets used to ride horses. But the one thing that stood out the most to me were their boots. They told me that all their boots were Ariat, so of course I wanted to have Ariat boots. I had to have Ariat boots. So I begged and pleaded for my parents to get me a pair with some matching chaps, and maybe a real helmet so I didn’t feel so out of place, and after my parents saw how truly dedicated I was, they agreed, and after two months of lessons bought me my first pair of Ariat boots, with a pair of Ariat chaps to match and a pink Troxel helmet with a horse on it. I would come to hate that helmet as I got older, but I never hated those boots! I felt like a a real horseback rider; I felt like I knew what I was actually doing! I did everything in those boots; I cleaned stalls, I fetched horses, I hiked trails, I rode horses, obviously. I wore them everywhere I could.
I’m 17 now; it has been 8 years since my parents bought those boots. And I still love them. They’re worn down and have become a bit loose over the years (but that’s nothing a pair of fuzzy socks can’t fix). I wear them to school, I wear them on the farm, I wear them when I work, I wear them when I hike, and of course, despite having far nicer boots, I wear them when I ride. Because even though they’re old, worn-out boots, they’re my #welllovedboots @psp_equestrian
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Tried a new phone editing app and it was easy to use but the quality is crappy🙄 so never using it again 😂 But a cool friend of mine @kanapesa123 came to film and watch me ride on Friday. Ann was quite meh that day. Like warm up was ok, not the best but it could be so much worse. Jumping was rather meh too she was a bit crazy like always but not too crazy. On Saturday she had a day off and on Sunday we went on a hack. More about the hack in tonight's post. Yesterday I lunged her and she was reallly good. I put some trot poles with rather big distances and asked her to slow down and she started working reallly good over the poles and pushing from behind. Gonna do some transitions and changes of bend today so dressagy ride today. 🇪🇪⬇️
Proovisin uut video töötlemise äppi telefonis ja see oli lihtne kasutada, aga kvaliteedi tegi kakaks🙄 nii, et jätkan oma ustava Sony Vegase kasutamist😂 Mu lahe sõbrants @kanapesa123 tuli filmima ja trenni vaatama reedel. Ann oli päris meh sellel päeval. Soojendus oli ok, mitte kõige parem, aga vaikselt juba parem kui varem. Hüppamine oli ka päris meh, ta oli pisut metslane, aga on ka olnud hullemaid päevi😂 Laupäeval ta puhkas kui ma oma treenerit groomimas käisin ja pühapäeval käisime maastikul, millest kirjutan pikemalt järgmises postituses.Eile ma kordetasin teda ja ta oli niii tubli. Ma panin üsna pika vahega traavilatid ja palusin talt rahuliku traavi ja siis ta pidi tagant korralikult lükkama hakkama ja sirutama jalgu lattide peal. Teeme täna palju üleminekuid ja painutamisi, ehk koolisõiduline trennike täna.

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life always looks better from horse back unless your life is flashing before your eyes 😂😬
There has been so much hate travelling around Instagram and it’s starting to get out of control.
Although I have not myself received any hate or abuse, I do know friends who have.
People have been making hate accounts, starting rumours and creating drama.
If you know of anyone who is being targeted, help them report the account.
If you know of anyone running a hate account, stop them or report them to Instagram.
It seems to be one of those ‘fazes’ but it shouldn’t be one that started in the first place 🤦🏽‍♀️😡
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Auch wenn ich gewusst hätte, wie das mit uns enden wird mein Schatz, dann würde ich wieder alles geben. Zu zweihundert Prozent habe ich auf uns Vertraut, aber dann ist unsere Arktis getaut...Denn manchmal hört auch die Ewigkeit auf !
Du bist und bleibst mein großes Fragezeichen ♡ Wenn das Abendlicht in genau dieser Farbe ist, dann ist ein Loch in der Luft wo du standest.
Wir hatten zusammen die beste Zeit, wo kein Zentimeter platz für Streit war !
Ich will das du weißt, das ich dich Liebe und das ich dich sogar 5 mal um die Welt tragen würde. Hauptsache ich habe dich wieder bei mir mein Wunderpferd 💞

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