🖤 (@shelleymilan)

I will not eat the taco truck for lunch at work today. I will cry and go to spinning class instead!! 😩 #hotmess

Ashley Pritchard (@fit.mommy.of.3)


To all of the Mommas who slept with 6 inches of space in your bed because of the storm ⚡️☔️ #coffeethesizeofmyhead #tired

Jake Nodar (@jakenodar)

Oh deer! When you've had one too many and there's a deer outside of the bar. Photo shoot! 🕺🏻🦌#deer #fireisland #hotmess #vodka #blessed #hornsfordays #gay

Vanesa A. Nuñez (@vanesa.a.nunez)

Was not feeling super excited about working out today but we had the most handsome and supportive cheerleader so that really helped! Barnaby even gave kisses when we were groaning through the weights and planks! That would brighten even the worst of moods! Want to join our team? Shoot me a message so we can chat about your goals!

Graham Greenlee (@stoicgraham)

Getting my circuit in early... Keep pushing it today, everybody!

Danielle Nitz, Owner (@granddesignwellness)

How does it feel to know that you are loved NOT *in spite* of once being flawed but THROUGH it all?
To know that today is your day.
To know without a doubt that far beyond your mind's capacity, there is love, grace, and strength that surrounds you at every moment?

To be sure that the One who knows you has created you in the image of Light and Love.
To understand that regardless of how you feel right now, what you've been told, mistakes you've made, or things that didn't go your way...you are whole and pure?

How does it feel to understand that the *mess* of your world is just grand design?

Encouraging you today to LIVE like you are LOVED fully and forever.
There may be mess, distress, or unrest in your life right now. Be still and listen to Love. Praying for you in all your circumstances. May Light grace upon you so that you may shine. 💜D

Manica (@monicalewinsky_jr)

if my hair is any indication of the morning I've had. #hotmess

S H A R L A 💁🏻🖤🏒 (@sharla_renee)

If you didn't know, now you know 🖤

O L G A M O R R I S (@coacholgam)

My #1 follower ~ literally! Can't go anywhere without her following me around! This beauty will turn 2 years old in a few weeks. She's been a blessing to my life! Love you, Brownie Girl 💕🐾

Abbey O'Brien (@abbeypobrien)

When u go to talk to the workers cause they done working and come back in and see this really?!? I could have made another pot of coffee from the bathtub!! #cohenmatthewcharels #toearlyforthis #coffegrounds #reallykid #hotmess #knockedgarabagecanover #crazyboy

Pink Armadillos®️ (@pinkarmadillos)

Lots of emotions going on today with this mama! Tanner starts his first day of Senior Year! I just don't want him to keep growing up, but I'm so excited for everything that life has in store for him! 😓❤️😁 #pinkarmadillos #boymom #footballmom #seniormom #senioryear #thebestisyettocome #hotmess