Robot Rok (@djrobotrok)

My new "must have" with scrambled eggs. Where have you been all my life? #hotsauce #hotsaucerules

BigFlav (@simple_whiskey_man)

We interrupt our regular programing for a special announcement.....
Salmon with chopped spinach w/real bacon bits is so delicious. Throw in some hot sauce and one is all set. Nice clean lunch so the bourbon can be enjoyed tonight.
Now we will return to our normal bourbon programing for your enjoyment.
#cleaneating #healthyishappiness #hotsaucerules

jilliepeppers (@jilliepeppers)

Want to be successful.. eat this everyday. Lol. Chicken breast. Yams. Brown rice. And franks hot sauce. I put that $hit on everything! #babyfood #hotsaucerules

Jonathan Chovancek (@chefjonathanc)

Badass breakfast sanni @therubyyyj - tip - get the red & the green hot sauce. Delish!

High River Sauces (@highriversauces)

Making magic today. Hope you guys are ready for the Tears of The Sun Private Reserve. #hotsauce #hotsaucerules #tearsofthesun #hellsyeah

Anne Graf Borchers (@frzninvt)

Fresh jalapeΓ±o and Serrano hot sauce from our garden #hotsaucerules

D.Morin (@photella4)

Eggs, spinach, Canadian bacon, on an alpine cheddar crusted english muffin & as always, orange habanero hot sauce = remedy/time filler for -20 degree mountain temp...Way too cold for my britches right now.


Ok guys I know I'm biased but this actually IS the best hot sauce in the world...#mariesharps #hotsaucerules #youbettabelizeit #mariesharpsftw