Toymail (@toymailco)

Gory is feeling very meditative. What kinds of activities do you do with your kiddo to feel calm at the end of a long day?

Steve Rudzinski (@darkmullet)

Got my first amazing Sideshow Collectibles Hot Toy, the Man of Steel Superman. It's fantastic. #manofsteel #superman #sideshowcollectibles #hottoys #henrycavill #dc #dceu

Marvel Cinematic Universe Hero (@mcuhdfunkopops)

The Founding Father himself, Mr. Tony Stark! This is the Iron Man 3 Pop, not as detailed as some of more up to date pops, though still great job on the chest plate and back. Iron Man is basically Marvels Batman, though admits he is Iron Man on live television. He has no real powers though has what seems like endless money, badass flying robot suits and the man behind all the characters. I'm half way done with the hero pops after him. Do you think Tony will take on the Vulture in Spiderman Homecoming? Will he perish in infinity war against Thanos?! #MCUH #marvel #funkopop #funkodisplay