2 Bunnies Live In 🇮🇩 (@bunny_in_playpen)

Look! My new hair styles 💇‍♂️

Kenna (@stopitsbunnytime)

Easter got you in the bunbun mood? Here is a bit of advice to help you make informed decisions!
• Buns live 10+ years
• They shed, chew, and poop (a lot)
• Inside housing is typically safest
• They need a well rounded diet of limited, good quality pellets, unlimited hay, and a variety of fresh veggies daily
• They need to be handled, bonded with, and shown affection!
• They need plenty of time (every day!) to run, explore, and binky for exercise
• Toys and other ways to spice up their environment are important for enrichment
• They do really great in bonded pairs - but could fight or procreate if not fixed, so make sure a vet confirms their sexes and they get fixed if possible! • They are social creatures who often typically enjoy affection, are curious, and want your snacks. All the snacks. None for you. (Please try to resist their begging though; it's not healthy)

NorthernBuns (@northernbuns)

Did that bunny just oink? 🐷 😂 Volume up to hear it 🔈🔉🔊#veganshark #housebunny #bunniesofinstagram

Rachael Robinson (@gloryiscalling)

I should apologise for the bunny rabbit spam recently, but I'm not actually that sorry!🙊😁 Huxley is settling in well & is one very chilled out bunny. ☺️☺️ There's also a brand new blog post up explaining all about where #LukeosaurusAndMe is heading in the future and how I failed miserably living for a month with no internet. 😳 Have a little look over at http://lukeosaurusandme.co.uk (or click the link in the bio on insta) 📸

Charlie (@xcharliethebunny)

I've been digging so much in my hay house that it's a big hole in the bottom of it! 💪 Hoomin had to turn the house upside down 😂

Hiro 寛 (@hirothebunny)

Mama almost caught me for Tongue out Tuesday!

Flitzi & Leopold🐰 (@flitzi.leo.bunnies)

He always takes care of Flitzi and looks for him. He doesn't care about dogs or birds, but loosing his friend is his biggest fear ❤️