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hi my name is carli!! this is going to be an account where i post about my fav show. It will consist of edits & much more 💛

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It always has been, always will be a pet hate. When someone isn’t bothered to reply, when they can be on social network, they can upload photos, gosh, they can even reply to the “whores” they’re into, but nope, no reply for you!

#HowRude #BeingIgnored #TextBack #Impatient #Grumpy #Seriously

Museo de Sitio Pachacamac (@museopachacamac)

En el aniversario de una semana de nuestra clasificación, esta botella escultórica del periodo formativo de un animal no determinado parece estarle sacando la lengua a países hermanos que no nombraremos y que no llegaron a Rusia 2018 porque Perú tomó el último puesto. ¡Mala botella! ¡Mala botella! ⚽️🏃⚽️🏃 On the one week anniversary of our classification, this naughty sculpted bottle of an unknown quadruped from the formative period appears to be blowing a raspberry at the unnamed fellow countries who didn't make it to the World Cup this time because Peru took the last spot. Sad times really. Bad ceramic bottle! Bad ceramic bottle!

Courtney Lynn (@t_jmomfit)

You'll get yours. To the person I call my coworker. Thank you for taking the cookies that I BOUGHT to help out another coworkers grandkids school fundraiser. They had MY name on them, NOT yours. I had planned on making them with MY kids. Just because I'm NOT at work doesn't mean you can go in the freezer and make them yours. I'll pray for you tonight. Because you obviously need it.

Rebecca Gemil Marie (@uponthesea)

They said I couldn't join in the cuddlefest. #HowRude

Benny Oscar (@benny_oscar_theshihtzu)

That face you make when Mom explains why some IG followers start ghosting you 🙄 #annoyed #whytho

Ulysses Betancourt (@hipsteruly)

Our bus driver literally got off to get Starbucks. Wtf. Dude! That line takes forever!! We got places to go. #howrude #metrodriver #busdriver #metrolosangeles 5660

Mr. Waffles (@mrblueberrywaffles)

Chilling with my new bff, Mimi, while my pawrents vacation in NYC without me!! 🙄 #howrude Thanks @melaniesgowan & @mjcsings for taking care of me! #kong #barkbox #scwt #puppiesofinstagram #bff

Tracey (@positive_katnip)

When someone isn’t happy about me moving the washing off the bed!! #howrude
#fluffycat #cat #cats #catsofinstagram

Ash McMaster (@ashmcmaster)

The #question is what this photo shows; the answer is the exact moment you catch a stranger taking a photo of your #speedo via a window reflection! 😂 I had a slight shock, then she did when she saw me turn around! #sprung #sideeye #howrude #waterpolo

Gunner The Basset Hound (@gunnerthebasset)

My face when mom told me I can’t have any turkey this thanksgiving! 🦃🦃🦃#howrude

Carrie Lane (@carriemorganlane)

So.... this happened #tonight #fastfood #steakandshake #plastic #burger .This was literally my 1st time ever eating at this #restaurant chain. It may be my last. Definitely #notimpressed #gross They didn't even ask if we wanted plastic with our #cheeseburger , lol #howrude #funny to me , patrick not so much. #Nomnom