Sim (@simrat88)

I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely, cheerful and welcoming group of people today... Never underestimate the power of anyone - especially people who help you for nothing! #RainbowTrust #AmazingPeople #Volunteers #Lucky #Humbled #Laughs #MadeThemSmileSomehow

Amy Welch (@nolacitymom)

Successful parenting is when you recognize you are completely powerless to change your child's heart, but realizing you are only a representative of the God who can. #graceparenting #pauldavidtripp #wisdom #littleDisciples #humbled #imnotincontrolheis

Alexis (@lexxlauren)

Myownmotivation.. Please Stay Tuned.. So Thankful for all of the Blessing that have come my way. To everyone that have supported me on this Journey "THANK YOU" To all that have laughed, and walked away "THANK YOU"… Two photo shoots already for the spring.. I'm so overwhelmed with gratitude.. #MyOwnMotivation84 #Progress #BLESSED #HUMBLED #WINNING

Cortnie (@_beautifulmachine_)

When you wake up with 600 followers! 😱 Thanks for all the love everyone! I started this IG account with the intent of holding myself accountable and inspiring others to be better than they were yesterday or to start their own journey. I hope in some way I've done what I set out to do. Thanks for your support! #250kchallenge #evolvewithme #thankyou #humbled #fitmama #chickswholift

Christopher Michael McLamb (@thechrismclamb)

I am an avid believer in the power and necessity of one's Village, as I would not be alive let alone thriving without mine. #fultonintheheights has blessed me with so much, most importantly the reaffirmation of this belief. Thank you and Soul Love to all 31 of my peeps who have come out so far in support of me and the very important work we are doing, and advanced thanks to the 17 peeps who are coming during this final week of our run. Whether or not we remembered to take a picture together, you will all be very cherished memories for me whenever I think back on this amazing moment in my life and career. #nofilterneeded #piraguaguy #framily #reunions #myvillage #memories #grateful #thankful #humbled #blessed #thisgivesmelife

Ashley B (@massage.poppy)

When they get you AND your work! Same customer leaving a review and a personal thank you. #humbled #blessed #massagetherapy #massagepoppy #socal #encinitas #sandiego #losangeles #respectmyhustle

Shereeka Wright (@shereekawright)

**Journal entry** Lord, it's been a little over a week since I received my offer of admisson from U of T. While I am very happy, I am also humbled by this.Β  There is an important lesson to take away and I am so grateful to you for wisdom. When I came to Canada in Nov 2006 and was in the process of applying to universities, I heard that U of T was a tough school to get into. Having heard that, I didn't even bother to apply. I ended up going to York for my undergraduate and I have no regrets! I did very well and met some lifelong friends at this school. All praise and glory to you Father! ------------------------------------------------
I didn't apply to U of T because I allowed the opinions of others to stop me. Often times, in this life we allow the experiences and opinions of others to drive us and block us from your blessing. I have been wanting to do my Master's a while now, but I kept putting it off. I did @nicolemclarencampbell #21DayVisionUnlock course and that was a goal of mine. I wrote "I would love to start in Sept by God's grace and I will get a scholarship". But before I arrived at that decision, I said, " I will try York because I can easily get in since I went there!" Anyway, I prayed about this and I didn't apply to York. I applied to U of T only! I claimed it...I spoke it...I prayed on it and now it is in my hand! Lord, you even provided me with an award to help with tuition. I asked you, " how am I going to do it all and how am I going to pay the rest of this tuition?" And you led me to that page in my Bible where I wrote, " The Lord will Provide". I am truly, truly grateful and is trusting you as I decide to accept this offer. As I talk to u with these tears in my eyes, please know I will continue to trust you. Continue to lead me Lord. -------------------------------------------------
Do not allow the experiences of others to block you from God's blessings. Speak the things you want into existence and believe you can achieve it! Another thing, stop procrastinate! Get up and go for what you want...You see another man doing it, so can you! My question to u...really, why not you??!!!
#journal #UFT #Grateful #GodIsGood #Humbled #journaladdict

SnazzyπŸ‘•πŸ‘–πŸ‘  (@snazzy_silhouettes)

StyledπŸ‘—PhotographedπŸ“· and Creative Direction🎬 by meπŸ’‹
I really enjoyed working with this beautiful coupleπŸ’‘ this past weekend. It was very heartwarming that they trusted me, and my creativity to capture their maternity shoot for their 1st bornπŸ’™πŸŽ€πŸ‘£ #humbled
I look forward to part twoπŸ˜™
S/o to #mybaby and #myhubby for being right there, on set with me❀️❀️
#ilovemyjob #personalstylist #wardrobestylist #passion #dedication #fashion #style #goals #ambition #determination

Misty Kite (@mistykite)

So yesterday was a bad for me, I was down in the dumps and kinda depressed. For a few reasons and one personal one that I will keep to myself. Yesterday was my official day back in my own Zumba class since my injurie. I was worried that I wasn't going to have a good turn out because I get hurt a good bit and have to be out a lot lately. I was scared how my body was going to hold up in the class and just all different emotions. I'm a pusher and I'm always pushing myself pass my limits. Well now I would like to say thank you to everyone who came out to my class and dance with me. I have never felt so loved before. For all the hugs and welcome backs and I miss you and to a emotional ending in my class my heart is full❀️!! I have a profound love for you all. You all made me feel love and I was right where I needed to be. I'm beyond grateful and truly blessed for your continue support. For all the classes you could have taken you took mine and I thank you for that. Keep coming to class, keep reaching for your fitness goals and keep reaching for the stars. With all the love I have your teacher, your instructor your friend. ~Misty Kite~ #zumba #zumbacommunity #zumbafitness #zin #onelove #united #friendship #fitmom #fitness #fitgirlsinspire #pamelabennettfitness #results #respect #passion #mistified #mistykite #confidence #standtogether #rockit #strong #newday #humbled #blessed #thankful #thankyou #beauty #picoftheday #pictures #glow #loveyourself

Janie Garcia (@janiesway)

March 29, 2017 πŸŽ‰Happy 17th Birthday to my best dream come true! ✨❀️ So grateful to be your mom and watch firsthand as you become an amazing young woman! #humbled #grateful #blessed #happy17thbirthday #myfirsttruelove #Ba #daughter

Kendra Nicole (@theekendranicole)

Just a little excerpt from my story "Not Built To Break" in book DIVAS (2016)...Ya'll I'm just a girl from West Virginia who has done and been through some things! So I decided to write to get through my trials and tribulations. Before I knew it, I had an entire book. WON'T HE DO IT!!! In 2016 I partnered with Shavannah Moore to publish my story which is now on Amazon. In 2017 we have now re launched our book cover and will be putting together a book tour this year πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ Contact me for your copy of D.I.V.A.S, personally signed by me πŸ˜€ Many back home have already inquired about the book and I just want to say THANK YOU for supporting the movement and supporting me!! We hope our book can encourage you to get through some of the toughest battles in life, we hope we can uplift you, encourage, inspire and heal...Happy Wednesday loves ❀️ #Humbled #Thankful #Blessed
@TheeKendraNicole #Actress #Model #Author #Visionary #DirectorofAmbassadors
#DIVAS #DrivenInvidualVisionariesAccomplishSuccess #Books #Inspire #Encourage #Teach #Heal