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Mahlzeit meine 💎 Wünsche euch einen tollen Start in die neue Woche 🙌😻 Ich hoffe ihr seit 🔝 motiviert 😜💥 Iiiiich ja eigentlich nicht sooo :/ Mein Auto hat heute gestreikt , dann haben mir für die Woche gleich wieder ein paar Modelle abgesagt und meine Appetitlosigkeit hält auch immer noch an, so das ich mit allem was ich mir an trainiert und "erarbeitet" habe... Gefühlt wieder weg ist 😦 Ist nicht nur Nervig sondern zerrt auch ziemlich an der #motivation 😔 Kann nur hoffen das es bald wieder anders wird und vor allem, das es bei euch Beauty's besser läuft 💋
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Winner of 3. run VLN 2017. Congrats to Wochenspiegel Team Monschau! #teammonschau #wochenspiegel #wochenspiegelteammonschau

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Killer session tonight.. Literally. There was so many times I wanted to give up but shout out to Dion for yelling at me 😂🔥🥊 ft. @mattsarjeant too! We were both pretty wrecked at this point. - box jumps, push ups, skipping, lunges, clean & press, kettle bell swings & ovcourse plenty of combos! Strength, technique & conditioning. You get out exactly what you put in. Loving these intense sessions #muaythai @firstplacefitness

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Bunda/ayah sudah berobat ke manapun tetapi hasilnya belum memuaskan juga tentang penyakit yang bunda/ayah derita atau sudah menikah tetapi belum memiliki momongan juga karena terkendala kista, miom,haid tidak teratur, pcos, keputihan, dll? Yuk konsultasi dengan kami tentang Keluhan yang bunda/ayah derita selama ini agar cepat sembuh total dalam waktu relatif singkat atau ingin segera memiliki momongan dengan cepat, Bunda/ayah ingin tau caranya bagaimana kami bisa menuntaskan berbagai penyakit apapun dalam waktu relatif singkat? Karena kami mempunyai herbal BEE yang mengandung energy matahary "pertama di indonesia"dimana kerja herbal bee ini sangat unik mampu mendeteksi segala penyakit apapun yang menghambat kerja tubuh kita, Kalau bunda/ayah ingin kami bantu agar penyakit bunda/ayah bisa sembuh total, bisa invite pin=> D92B2246 atau wa=> 08978656194 kami, jangan malu dan ragu berkonsultasi dengan kami ya bunda/ayah jika ingin cepat sembuh total atau segera memiliki momongan FREE Konsultasi 🇬🇷🇦🇹🇮🇸 #huzur#hudson#humour#humbled#huntgram#huskies#hunters#hunger#hunhan#hungary#hummus#hustle#humpday#hunterxhunter#hunting#huahin#humans#huawei#hurricane#hunterrowland#huskygram#hugoboss#huskypuppy#huracan#huskyphotography#huffposttaste#husband#husbandandwife#myhusband#huntingtonbeach

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Cheapest and most effective energizer and fat burner! The infamous #Caffeine
Caffeine is the most widely used substance on the planet.
Caffeine Health Benefits
1. In Japan, researchers have shown that caffeine increases memory. Also, a newer study out of Johns Hopkins University showed that a 200mg caffeine pill helped boost memory consolidation.
2. Caffeine mixed with carbsreplenishes muscle glycogen concentrations faster after exercise.
3. Caffeine detoxes the liver and cleanses the colon when taken as a caffeine enema.
4. Caffeine helps keep you alert while driving during periods of sleep restriction.
5. Caffeine can stimulate hair growthon balding men and women.
6. Caffeine relieves post-workout muscle pain by up to 48%.
7. Caffeine relieves pain associated with sleep loss better than analgesics.
8. Caffeine may protect against Parkinson’s disease. Research shows that those who consume coffee are at less risk of developing Parkison’s disease and it even reduces the risk of those genetically more likely to develop the condition.
9. Caffeine helps ward off Alzheimer’s.
10. Caffeine increases stamina during exercise.
11. Caffeine through coffee protects against eyelid spasm.
12. Caffeine may protect against Cataracts.
13. Caffeine may prevent skin cancer.A new study out of Rutgers University found that caffeine prevented skin cancer in hairless mice. Another study showed that caffeinated coffee drinkers have less risk of developing melanoma.
14. People who consume caffeine have a lower risk of suicide.
15. Caffeine may reduce fatty liver in those with non-alcohol related fatty liver disease. This study comes out of Duke University.
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Success is not a Destination but a Continuous Journey!

In my town Gym for ladies means a room filled with Exercise Bikes and Treadmills. There's hardly any barbells or dumbbells. This could very well be because of the misconception that ladies who lift weights lose their feminity and gets all jacked up.
Back in 2014 I used to go through the so called Aerobic regime 6 days a week with insignificant changes to my body. Yes, I could shed a few pounds by unhealthy eating habits like completely avoiding Carbs but there was hardly any improvement in the overall Figure.
It was by the end of 2015 I decided to lift Weights at Home and eat Healthy as suggested by @s4ravens . I quit my Gym and started training at Home with minimal equipments ; 1 barbell, 2 adjustable dumbbells, 2 x 2.5 pounds ankle Weights, 150 pounds of weight plates and a bench. I had and I'm still following a strict Healthy Diet with prominence to the most neglected nutrient, the Protein.
When I started I had my demons pulling me back because I was not sure if I am on the right path. But in a few days I started seeing my body respond to Iron like never before. Eventually with Determination and Discipline I won the battle over Defiance and Disconcertion. Gone are the days when I weighed 140 lbs. Now I stand at 115 lbs. I see more and more Gains as I set new Goals each day. Yes, I've transformed, yet unfinished because Success is not a Destination but a Continuous Journey.
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