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Cute Santa Husky 😃 🐺🎄🎅
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Rio Mancilla (@riosahara)

This picture cracks me up.. Malaki has ALWAYS climbed on my back while driving to sit behind me and be sandwiched in between myself and the seat..but because he is so much bigger now, I was telling him no.. but he didn’t listen😂 BUT I CAN’T DEAL W HIS FACIAL EXPRESSION.. determination, focus, and happily satisfied he succeeded.😎 He let me know, no matter how big or small, he will ALWAYS sit behind me.😂 I love my baby, #malakimoose 💙🐾

Meganne (@myolowmow)

« Oui je serai libre de t’aimer toi... » #tomboy1
Mowgli et Indochine juste le combo parfait <3
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Went to NYC for a walk and saw this awesome mural 😬. Do you have any favorite street art where you live??

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