Saturday morning lineup 🌸An unexpected later start and some extra time to mask & Nu face. 🌸Mask - #oskiaskincare Renaissance Mask - left on for 30 mins. Removed with a warm flannel 🌸 20 min Nu face - love to do the full routine when I have extra time. Removed the conductive gel with a warm flannel 🌸 Mist - #joshrosebrook HA 🌸 Serum - #okokocosmetiques Dragons Blood serum 🌸 Hydrate & Treat - 3 drops #pestleandmortar Hyaluronic Serum mixed with a drop each of #honuaskincare Aloha & Olena 🌸 Moisturise - #alliesofskin All-Day Mask 🌸Later before heading outside - Sunscreen #meccacosmetica Mineral Gel SPF 30 ( not shown ) 🌸Hope everyone has a great Saturday, hope you all get a little extra time to yourselves too πŸ™πŸ‘ŒπŸ»#ilovesaturdays #maskingtime #renaissancemask #dragonsbloodserum #hydrationaccelerator #hylauronicacid #hawiianbotanicals #hawaiianskincare #alldaymask #sunscreenalways #skincareau #skincareroutine #keepingtheglow #beautyatanyage

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Hello from Beijing, Face Freaks! It's been almost a week since we last spoke, we're still trying to adjust to the opposite time zone, and we've started putting some wonderful new experiences into that empty mug from my last post. We've been grateful for some very good air quality days--and we only had to wear our pollution masks as we walked to church on Sunday. So far everything has been going smoothly. I've missed all of you, though! Truly. πŸ’ž
So today's #pmroutine is from several weeks ago and I started with @carolinehirons' #pixiskincare #doublecleanse. If you don't know what a double cleanse is or why you would want to do it, pull up her website and watch her videos on YouTube. πŸ’ž After cleansing, I applied #biologiquerecherche's P50 1970 #acidtoner, then neutralized it a bit with #joshrosebrook's #hydrationaccelerator #hydratingmist. Then I immediately applied three thin stripes of #deciem's #niod Copper Amino Isolate Serum on top of the moisture to make it spread more easily. Next I dripped three drops of my favorite mixture of NIOD's MMHC2 and #Hylamide's SubQ Anti-Age (best viscosity imo). I switched over to my eyes: NIOD's Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate on my left eye and Hylamide's SubQ Eyes on my right, #lashserum, a tiny smidgen of #theordinaryskincare's Advanced Retinoid 2% Emulsion on my eyes, and #purlisse's Blue Lotus 4 in 1 Eye Adore Serum over everything.
Then back to my face...it was a prescription strength retinol night, Tretinoin .025%, smeared fairly liberally, then NIOD's Survival0 over the top, because antioxidants and blue light protection are things I NEED. πŸ˜†
I have been so grateful to everyone who has been patient, those of you who've sent me a note to wish me well, say you're praying for our family as we transition, and just say hi! Thanks so much, you wonderful Freaks. I heart you all. πŸ’ž
PS, it is quite obvious that people here in Asia love skincare by the sheer number of travel skincare containers available at even the most basic grocery store. I'd have been in heaven with that selection in stores in the USA. πŸ˜†

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Month 2 of @thedetoxmarket sub box and they are KILLING IT! My love for @joshrosebrook β€˜s Hydrating Accelerator is real! I was literally just about to buy one yesterday as I’m getting low! This stuff makes my skin feel amazing and easily has won a space in my top skincare finds this year!
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Tonight I am joining @gemeliza in her beautiful tribute to the amazing love shared between @karmakarlie18 & her beloved mum Jo Marie. For my self care Sunday, have chosen some of my favourites masks, oils for hair & body and products that make me feel special and nurtured including @maylindstromskin Blue Cocoon which was an especially precious product to Karlie & Jo Marie . ❀️1st Mask - @mahalo.care The Petal ❀️2nd Mask - @maylindstromskin Honey Mud ❀️Facial massage - @zuannacosmetics Flawless Elixir mixed with @maylindstromskin Blue Cocoon ❀️Hair treatment and scalp massage - @goodmedicinebeautylab Wild child hair oil ❀️Hand massage with @maxandme_oils Circle of Protection ❀️Mist - @joshrosebrook HA ❀️Final hydration step - @jordansamuelskin Hydrate, a few drops mixed with @odacite Pa+ G and Olena oil from @honuaskincare. #jomarieβ™₯️iseternal #circleoflove #selfcareskincare #skincarecommunity #mahalothepetal #maylindstromskin #hydrationaccelerator #jordansamuelskin

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You say oil funnel I say beer bong, same difference. Nothing like inspiration from PepBoys. #beerbong #alcoholicproblems #totallynotsober #hydrationaccelerator #thestruggleisreal