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Proud sibling alert ⚠️ when ur bro swims like a boss! Congrats @stevenator_dawg - officially duckling status πŸ¦† πŸ“Έ via @elkenator

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The term special needs is broadly used in today's society. In animal rescue, and particularly those who have the responsibility of caring for and adopting out animals, the term special needs applies to any animal who has a condition that makes it more difficult for them to find an adoptive home. We often think of special needs conditions only applying to medical or physical issues, but it extends to behavioural and mental health issues in animals as well. MEOW's staff and volunteers work with many special needs cats over the course of each year.

Meet Biggs, a super sweet, affectionate and very popular brown tabby. He is one of MEOW's special needs cats. Biggs came to MEOW from an out-of-town rescue agency, and it quickly became very obvious that he liked to mark territory by spraying. Of course, Biggs popularity with his feline roommates, staff and volunteers was being marred by the scent he was infusing around the Adoption Centre.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed Biggs hadn't been neutered due to being cryptorchid. Old habits die hard and Biggs continued to mark territory, even after his two neuter surgeries. In order for Biggs to find a loving home, he was placed on Fluoxetine, a medication to help with anxiety. Biggs experienced a short-lived adoptive placement due to his need to let everyone know he had arrived. But since returning to the Adoption Centre, and through the hard work of MEOW's staff and volunteers, Biggs now lives by the mantra "say it, don't spray it". With the aide of Fluoxentine and some patience on his new adopter's behalf while he remembers his manners, Biggs will make a wonderful addition to any home. He just needs that special someone to open the door to his special needs. Make Biggs a part of your family #linkinbio

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Happy Birthday to the human Betty White! We share a name and a great smile πŸŽ‚πŸ‘΅πŸ»πŸΆ #bettybelike #bettywhite