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My English is poor.
This is my work report. 😁😁😁😁The work report
Distinguished leadership:
You are good, in this thank xinadda company give me this opportunity to let me join in this big family!
First since I joined the company one month in their work. Since October to join the company, in purchasing office merchandiser, at first the product is a little strange, a lot of things is not very good. So there are a lot of confusion in their work. So they spend more time to warehouse, workshop, understanding of product materials, understanding of the production process, the hardware industry ERP management software to study. By yourself to learn and to other colleagues to understand, slowly to know product knowledge, business processes, production process, the company system. What are the components of product, and which process is completed, and so on. Slowly oneself also is familiar, for products, the system of the company, the business process is a whole framework of understanding. This is just beginning to dissolve into to the company, then there is his responsibility as merchandiser.
As a member of the a meibutsu control department, clear their own work goals. Under the guidance of soldiers at the beginning, I started to contact purchase documentary, embellish hengtai this company, when soldiers push on a few times every day embellish hengtai delivery, but do not go up. Due to the production plan is coming, to the material did not return, will affect the date of shipment. So for several days, I went to embellish hengtai tracing material, how materials are not to come out. Through their understanding of a few days, because there are a lot of. , planning unreasonable, execution does not reach the designated position, super load capacity, but the main reason is the issue of personnel. This is caused by their internal problem to cause affecting our merchandiser material maintenance does not reach the designated position. Every time want to materials, are not able to deliver to leadership to co-ordinate arrangements, we both keep the problems accumulated more and mor
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"I don't want to compete with other women, I hope we all win" 🌸💓 (Im feeling so nostalgic for Iceland, this was taken at Blue Lagoon!)

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The Ice Land exhibit was pretty cool! The kids loved the ice slide. #iceland #icesulpture #moodygardens #festivaloflights #ninedegrees