Riggs (@riggs_the_blue_frenchie)

Thanks to @frankthefrenchieboy for the nomination. Here are the Riggle Monster’s 5 facts...
☝️ I am a hot weather dog - I grew up in Dallas, Texas (which is as hot as the sun in summer). I overcome the UK ice blast by lying in front of a heater or burrowing under the duvet as often as possible.
✌️ I am on my second life. I almost died at 3 months after an adverse reaction to a parvo shot (⬆️ *swipe*). Even the vet didn’t think I’d make it. But I showed her she’s silly. #LivingMyBestLife
🤟 I have an unhealthy obsession with laser pointers. I am a greyhound trapped in a vertically challenged body. I have a ‘Sport Mode’ for being extra fast, where my ears go flat against my head. Streamlining. Smart.
🖖 It might be hard to tell from my pictures and videos, but I am very small for a frenchie - only 8kg! People think I’m still a puppy. Or maybe it’s my unruly behaviour.. 🤔
✋ I auditioned for the 2nd series of The Voice. My singing has been documented at various points along my Insta journey. Judges don’t know what they’re missing. #OllyMursWho?
I now nominate my friends @3scousefrenchies @otistheblue @spottedhumphrey @margobean @queeniethefrenchie_ @winterthebluefrenchie @i.am.jackson_thefrenchie to share their 5 facts too! 🐾🐾

Mr Marvin. (@mrmarvinthefrench)

When leaves and grass is life 🤣😍

Biggie Smalls 👑 (@notoriousfrenchiesmalls)

Getting my hair did 💆

Thanks for the how-to videos @griffinfrenchie