Brandi (@pbjphoto)

The upside of the constant rain…amazing waterfalls! It was nice of the sun to make a brief appearance, before the clouds moved back in and dumped rain on top of us!

kayla isomura (@kaylaiso)

dry / flat / bare / empty / hot. words to describe the nullarbor. ☠️

Brandi (@pbjphoto)

I could sit and listen to the sound of running water all day…it’s just mesmerizing!

Susannah Karelse (@susannahkarelse)

Green Point Reserve with flowers 🌸 in my hair #ifyouregoingtosanfrancisco 🌉

William Braddock - Artist (@williambraddockartist)

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Harriet & James ✈️🌍👙🍸 🏖️ 💑 (@daydreams.of.wanderlust)

Sunset ride 🚲🌅 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
#cycling #cyclepath #bikelife #bikeride #sunsetcycle #perthcycling #sunset #perthlife #perthisok #indianocean #hallshead #erskine #estuary

Luke Hemer - Photographer (@lukehemerphoto)

Sometimes the elements are against you, this final image is nothing like I first had in mind, but I still like it. Thanks to all involved for giving their best during the planning and the shoot.

#Repost @rivherald
Can you feel it in the air? The footy and netty seasons are close. Check the Riv for a huge preview on Monday. 🏐🏉👀 #footy #netty #echucamoama #theriv 📸 @lukehemerphoto

mrs ♡ mr (@estonians)

Tropical plant obsession. 🌴🌿