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We just reached the 4000 mark in Facebook! :D Thank you to all our followers and customers. Keep them coming and we'll continue to provide the best meals out there. Thanks for making us number 1! :D
We've been cooking meals since '93!

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It's more than a year since my last trip to #Tasmania but I do think of it often. Such a very beautiful part of #Australia and quite unique, too.

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#Throwback to last week when we were exploring #Elephantrocks, Denmark is such a beautiful part of WA 🏞️⛅️
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While it may at a glance sound obvious or even rudementary, but this the single most overlooked detail which could attract serious consequences if not done properly. Here's 3 Reasons Why You Want To Keep Your Social Media Profile Names Consistent: ⠀

1. A unique name is not only easy to remember for you but also easy for your potential customers/clients to identify. It avoids any confusion in identifying your brand to customers that can be comparably similar to others - especially when it comes to competing brands in similar state or city.⠀
2. To avoid legal suit. A unique social 'handle' can help you avoid any dispute about whether there are any issues of "passing-off" or "copyright" issues. Names which sound or look similar to a competitors' name could attract an avoidable law suit. ⠀
3. Unique and consistent names also helps with building a more professional brand that would last the test of time.⠀
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Shovel nosed ray looking at Frida Jonsson in Sweden. I know you asked for a shovel nosed shark, but they are more closely related to rays. In fact there is so much confusion these days on the real name of this animal. Also known as a guitar shark or guitar fish. I don't care, they are one of my favourites too. This one was on the wreck of SS Yongala, when i did a day trip from Alva Beach. Be the 1st to request a marine animal I have photographed or been photographed with and I will do my best for you. Bear in mind I don't shoot macro 🐸

Danii Brassington | 27 | BNE (@daniidiscovers)

One of my favourite displays from @whitenightmelb at Carlton Gardens.

Julia Sumerling ✨ (@seajewlz)

Oceanic Box Jellyfish. As requested by my friend Angel Yanagihara, who is one of the most knowledgeable box jellyfish scientists in the world. Found throughout the Indo Pacific Region, this jellyfish inhabits tropical seas. It's big, but very rare. This is the first one I saw. I have since seen 2 more, but in 7000 dives on The Great Barrier Reef, that's not so many. I love this pic as you get a real sense of size. If you were stung by this, you would treat it the same way you would for the normal box jellyfish that inhabit the coast. Wonderful looking animal! The 1st to comment below, with a challenge of a marine animal I have photographed or been photographed with, I will take it on as the subject of my next post. Keep in mind I don't shoot macro.
Thanks Angel great selection of subject matter 🐸