📷📷📷 Catarazzi at the ready 📷📷📷 Next up on our catwalk is: @cati_wacki_panchi_wanchi 📷📷📷 Measurements:
Eyes: Gold
Fur: Thick long haired blue and white
Weight: A lady never tells
Height: Petite but still growing
Strut your stuff Panchita 📷 Your adorable, dainty beauty, sweet expressive facial features, delightful sparkling eyes and impressive, elegantly poised poses, at such a young age, will have the agents snapping at your paws! 📷 Your portfolio caught the eye of our talent scouts, we think you have great meowdelling potential. 📷📷 To see more of Panchita's portfolio, head over to her page and give her a follow. 📷 If you want to appear on our catwalk, remember to follow us and tag your portfolio to #magnificent_meowdels 📷


Morning cuddles 😻

Lena (@miniophoenix)

Good Morning 🐾
from Mr Blue eyes 👀 💙, look at Phoenix ear 👂
he flutters with ear exactly like
Dumbo 🐘 makes,
so damn cute 🙊😹😉

Lena (@miniophoenix)

Good Morning 🐾
from Mr eyeliner 👀, he looks very pleased 😸

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