Puppets (@izzyandtai)

Changing the colors a little bit, the white domain lf my pics have may become to an end!! I really like this picture hope you guys do too!!
Friday was a total success!! Im writing this down right before going out w some friends to grab some beers, but today i drank coffe with an old friend (long time no see), had a blast in college attending to meetings and hanging w friends, and i ate and played some ping pong w bae. Oh and we took a nap outside!! Madrid was super sunny today!! So beautiful!! Looking forward this awesome weekend!! Stay chill guyyyyz!! 💜💜💜

PARKER (@parker_j_gill)

Spending the day in Lake Arrowhead with @aly.reece

Mila (@milaaathedobe)

Sunny morning! 👌🏻🌻