Terrá Strickland (@terraphotography_)

Finally got a new and improved website is up! You'll now find a 1-stop shop for all your TerráPhotography needs. From booking to portfolios, it's all there. So click on the link in my bio and take a gander! [As always, you are welcome to message me here for rates, booking a session and collaborations]

Thanks so much for being a part of the journey❤️🙏 #originalphotography #canonphotography #selfportrait #blackandwhite #fairylights #newwebsite #clickit #art #booking #collaboration #terraphotography #50mm #igersuk #igerswales

Debs McKeown (@debsmckeowneryri)

Just got home from walking the white lines. We had our 15th Speakeasy tonight in Nantgwynant. One barrel of really good beer, cost price and no vat and as many people from the village we could muster on a pre Welsh Rugby night, no electricity just good ale (no Corporate Brewery) and the craic...

🥔 Connor Martin 🦍 (@c0nn0r_mart1n)

I’m not an entertainer or entertaining

Alexander J de C Barnett 🇬🇧 (@alexjdcb)

That light on the side of the hill was magical whilst exploring new ground!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Simone (@simonestedmon)

Enjoying the last of the daylight before starting 5 night shifts 😭

Harry Blake (@mountainharry)

So Reel Rock 12 was incredible, some real amazing stories by some mad talented people! Today saw us out on Holyhead Mountain, a bitter wind spurred us up a trio of great routes that we both enjoyed. Glad to get back in for a cuppa and some good bouldering at Indy though! 😂 thanks to Liz for giving me a free ride up to Wales, and thanks to the wifey @flosslacey for standing in the cold while I faffed and swore a lot! Sorry I forgot the Haribo ring ;) 💍💍

Heather (@allthingsdoors)

10. //From drugs to bouquets// Today I walked into the cutest little shop ever! With all it's original fittings, the inside was simply magical, like stepping into the past 😍