🌊Joshua Serna🌊 (@jawatts.6)

Well I make the coffee, head to the blinds. 
I cut ties with everything I can't find. #turnpiketroubadours

Daniel Akhtar (@styledinhouston)

What does style mean to you? β€œTo me style is one way people are able to express themselves. It's something your able to have fun with and play around with. You can really be whoever you want depending on what style your going for.” - @darling_dess

Chris Fluke (@chrisfluke)

Late night vibes (sketchy rando solo sesh in downtown Houston vibes) .
Sony a7R | 16-35

Chayanne Castaneda (@chayanne_adn)

Sunset, Gene Green Park, Houston Tx.

Terra Granite (@graniteterra)

What a great focal point. We sell our own selection Vera Quartz countertops, granite countertops and marble countertops.

Terra Granite (@graniteterra)

Terra Granite continually stocks over 100 stone colors to help inspire and meet the design goals of consumers, fabricators, and designers.

Ray Harkness Photography (@ray_harkness_photography)

Use aerial photography to look down on your competitors!