Bruce the Swiss Mountain Dog (@fratasticbruce)

@chris_en_sahbi I tried to do the #showmeyourearschallenge by showing you my great catching skills but I had a major #FAIL . Hey... I'm not a retriever 🤷🏼‍♂️😝🐶 I nominate my fave followers @tosha_the_beagle @chubzdoingthingz @mosestherescuedog @thereal_easter_glory @sweetlittlemilo_ @thebulldogsrussellandbuster to do the #challenge next!

Aluna ✨💓 (@alunathesamoyed)

10 days until I can go to the park 😃😃😃😃😃🌳🌻

patricia rivas (@academyb612)

7am morning kisses with ALL 3 of my bedheads.

Oliver the Cavoodle (@oliver_thecavoodle)

Cuddling my toy and daddy while we all watch Masterchef. Family cuddle time is my fav ❤️


This leash-thing, I don't know about that.. #gdspuppy #leashesandpaws #dogspotting #igpuppy #4paws

Sophie 🐶 (@instasooophie)

Spent the day hiking and swimming . Also, did I get the whole " look the other way for a photo" look or what 💁🏽