#mymanmax (@mymanmax)

I can't get over this Ga weather🌤️ 75• in January?! I'll take it, plus it gives me an excuse to break out this amazing @woodbean_etsy romper!


Those 👄 and cheeks 😍


The Gold Coast today is an absolute scorcher! 🌞
I personally don't cope too well in this sort of heat so we are locked inside with the aircon blaring while we create playdoh statues!
Little Maizie looks like she's just about ready to go up a size in her clothes so I've been sorting her old things and getting ready to do the big cull (I will sneakily be keeping some to reminisce with though 😉)
This bunny has been such a snuggler for both of my girls - it will definitely be stashed away soon in their memory box for the future ❤️
Happy hump day everybody!

Laila Betancourt (@babylailab)

"Flowers on my head staring at my world ahead"
Wondering from where is this flower crown? Visit @wildflowersandwander