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Thursday 3/22 Mysticism(Third Eye) + Knight of Swords
Grand day Great Souls!💞 .. 🔮The energy I get from these two cards, is one of journeying deeper into your subconscious mind. I feel you are being asked to discover who you are underneath the persona you present to those around you. Your shadow self has much to say, and wishes to help you along this journey. You may be receiving messages from Spirit and the subconscious realm, that reveal keys to your healing and the next steps you are to take. It is as if the Mystic and Rider are meeting one another for the first time. Some of you may be feeling that you are meeting yourself for the first time, after the purge of Pisces season. Recognize that you can/are to use what was revealed to you to your advantage. .. 🔮Become good friends with your shadow. Learn to trust that your deeper and “darker” urges, hold just as much power as the parts of you that you allow to come to the light. What messages are you receiving intuitively? How do you feel about the ways you are receiving these messages? I say, embrace them! Embrace your mysticism, as it is needed on your path. .. 🔮I get strong Pisces and Scorpio energy from this reading. Pisces and Scorpio are well tuned to the World of the subconscious. These signs may play a role in delivering much needed guidance that you are not, at this time, able to comprehend. I also feel that for Pisces and Scorpio, an Air sign may play an important part on your journey at this time. .. 🔮I feel as though someone may be blowing onto your path as a guide/mentor. You yourself may be taking on the role as guide/mentor to another soul. Whichever the role, this is a fated encounter. .. 🔮There is a strong presence of Air/Wind in both cards. Air/Wind is representative of new life, power of the mind, and communication. Moving forward into the Unknown could bring you new life, if you learn to master the mind’s instinctual need to protect you from the “what if’s”. Wind serves as a messenger of the Gods and can indicate the presence of the Divine. Tune into your senses, and allow yourself to be receptive to the messages that are blowing your way. .. 🐺🌛 Link in Bio !!!

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In a moment of pure awe, a droplet of water hits the surface of the ocean reflecting its surroundings while gathering light within.
Nao Tamura freezes that ephemeral feeling of marvel in a surprising glass creation, Momento.

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