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🎶🎶🎶Mirror mirror on the melting snow. Which is the prettiest city in this world? 🎶Mirror mirror mirror on the road. Please don't make me fall... in love. [🎶❤️] #mirrormirror #freezingrain #slippery #january #winter #lovestories #moody #emotions #feelings #heart #montreal #downtownmontreal #dailyhivemtl #montrealgallery #ilovemontreal (@montreall)

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Ice everywhere today ❄️❄️❄️

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Si tu aimes le verglas, tapes des mains!...

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« After God perfected the sunrise, he created photographers, artists, and poets to ensure his feat remained immortal. » Terri Guillemets

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Vous souffrez de maux de dos? On vous attend ce soir de 17:50 à 18:45 au studio sur St-Hubert pour notre cours de MOB Pilates®️ thérapeutique donné par Nicolas. Les objectifs finaux sont de rééquilibrer la posture, de renforcer les muscles centraux et d’optimiser la fluidité de mouvement. Venez bouger intelligemment et reprenez le contrôle de votre corps!⠀
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They took my blood!💉
Saw my doctor (she's my GP and Gyno) who I ADORE. She said thr sweetest thing to me. She said "I learn a lot from you, Amelie".
She said she's impressed by how I try different tthings, all the effort I put into getting better and taking care of me.
I see a doctor of Chinese medicine for my migraines and he has started treating me for my anxiety!
I meditate.
I use essential oils.
I've gone to see a Chiro who is also a Kinesiologist who ALSO does Applied Kinesiology.
I had food sensitivity tests done and learned my body doesn't respond well to dairy and soy.
I've started learning about healing crystals and stones.

And I tell her all about it.
I don't like being in pain.
I don't like the side effects of medications 💊. I don't like feeling depressing.
I don't like anxiety attacks.
So I try different things that can help me.
If it works, it works. If it doesn't, I try something else!
I WANT to feel good, to be healthy, to be in as little pain as possible.
So I work hard at it.

Very grateful for my doctors words!
I got blood work done because of my drop in energy the past few months. I also got a prescription for something to use when I'm having am anxiety attack and got the OK to stop Topiramate! I'll be taking it every 2 days for 10 days and then stopping completely. Instead, she prescribed b2!

Such a good appointment all around!



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