Anna Danilovich (@danilovichan)

Как насчёт сладкого ?? 🍨 #ilovemybaby #castle #vacationtime

Hannah (@hannah_m88)

I wish I could stop her from growing up so fast 💔👶🏼

EricaLovesMystikal❤️😛 (@ericalovesmystikal)

Yea, u see 👀 him!! Don't hate!! But NE-WAYS!! I want to take my time, & check in, Send Love ❤️😘, & a good morning Hello🙋 To my favorite one, My baby, My❤️ @mindofmystikal I hope Boo🤗 have a very bless & Happy Sunday ⛪️ I care about my baby, I just want everything to b 100 with him😍 that's why. I take my time 🕒 every morning 🌄 to check in on my favorite favorite ️1⃣ #ILoveMyBaby fr fr!! God Bless🙏 My punkin #Mystikal EVERYDAY!! Crazy about my dude 😎 I hope he will have a very successful day!! 100😊💕💕😊

Mz Izzy@ (@lizzy.ayodele33)

Happy birthday to you mum, the best mum ever, my queen, my confidant, my sweet sixteen, ever young baby, she's the most strongest have seen, caring and loving she doesn't like to see her children go through pains, I pray you live to see more of this day my sweet baby in good health and in wealth.

UndercoverMumsy (@undercovermumsy)

Loved this and so very true! Most parents I know love reading to their little one and incorporate it into their night time routine.

There are so many benefits to reading around to your baby!
It promotes listening skills!
Increases the number of vocabulary words your little one will hear.
Helps little ones understand what words means.
Promote bonding and calmness for both parent and child.
Stimulate the imagination and other senses.
Instil the love of books and learning!
These are only a few of the benefits which you probably didn't even know you were doing. I know I didn't know all of these! Go ahead #raisereaders