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I adopted my boy cats Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell (the former has always seemed cool with his lady name) ten years ago. They were tiny little kittens, who had been found in a bin in Lewisham. Luckily, by #celiahammond who rescued them and brought them to the animal trust she runs. A vet sat up nights with them, feeding them from tiny bottles every few hours until they were old enough to eat food. They came to me earlier than usual because the trust needed the space and I have a very long history with caring for cats. They slept tucked up against me in bed for the first month. Sometimes under an armpit each. To this day I think of them as my boys, utterly family. They've been with me through three relationships and having my wonderful daughter. It is not home without them. Today we took said daughter to Battersea Dog's & cat's home. Not to adopt but to spread love. I had to be pretty clear with my huge hearted five year old about that, getting down to her eye level and explaining sweetly but firmly that this was a love spreading not a pick another brother mission. Once absorbed she was absolutely into this and went around the dogs and cats whispering to them: "you'll be chosen. You're so lovely. You'll get a home soon." My heart bursts around her sometimes. Me and Len were not immune either! This cat is Hermione and she is still looking for her forever home. Amongst hundreds of others. It makes me long for a huge (uk based) ranch where all the orphaned animals could live with us. I've been having that recurring daydream since I was a wee lass. So, ramble over...if you are looking for love, of the furry kind, and you have the time, space and money to take care of one, may I thoroughly advocate the charms of the adopted ones - it was the best best decision and I'm thankful every day for my boys - occasional flea and all (she grits her teeth). #cat #cats #catstagram #instagood #catsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #adopt #instacat #pets #pet #ilovemycats #batterseadogshome #celiahammondanimaltrust #wellness #home #family #therapy #simplepleasures #spreadinglove #familyday #joy #gratitude #goldie #kurt #goldiehawn #kurtrussell #hathorandbast #eft #matrixreimprinting

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TBT 🐱🐱 ach waren die beiden klein als sie bei uns eingezogen sind 😍 zwei Kater in der Schuhschachtel 💜

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