Susie Knowles (@susie_schmusie)

Sorry I have to post another, because just look at all these goobers! 😂💪🏽💙#opera #makeup #ilovemyjob

Third 🔑 MAC Artist (@tarnishd_pearls_beauty)

Monday Thoughts 💭
A lot of times I’m a way to release stress or be a form of inspiration. Most of the time my source of inspiration is me feeding off of that interaction with them!! Someone may look at me and say that I make people beautiful, but to me people are beautiful before the makeup is even on. This 10 year old and her mom came in the other day and I can tell this young girl was so eager about her future as a dancer and right beside her supporting her was her mom willing to invest her last on her. This girl did a full face makeup better than some grown women I know to have to recreate for when she dances. Her ambition is everything for her age! I can go on and on but just want to say be you and do what you love because you never know how doing your passion can support someone or even how your customer/following can inspire or support you as well @mzbrowneyesone_dancemom
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Cindy Truman (@trumanpianostudio)

She really does! And I am so happy to be her teacher again this year! You rock, Sammy! #pianoteacher #pianostudentsrock #ilovemyjob

Lindsay Accomando (@accomando)

Ohhh I can't wait to play tomorrow my beautiful people!!!! 💕💕💕

Annette Ferraro Photography (@annetteferrarophotography)

Dear Sweet Baby Burke,
Over the years I've had the honor of taking your parent's engagement photos and capturing their gorgeous wedding day. Most recently, I got to freeze some of the most important moments in their lives...their first days with you. What an amazing family the three of you make. It's an honor to know you and be a part of your most beautiful days. Much love ~Annette #newbornlove #lovewhatyoudo #ilovemyjob

shay minielly | stylist (@shayallie)

I love a good head of foils 💘 toned with #matrix 10P | fun fact: the client has naturally dirty blonde hair, those dark pieces on top are from birthmarks, so we decided not to color them because they are so unique 💁🏼

TIFFANY||PIFER (@thepiferfamily)

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It's after 5, I've been here since noon, and have till 9p to go, but I'm feeling fine sans crisis! #goodhairday #ilovemyjob #therapistlife #therapistsneedtherapytoo